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Jackson Pollock

  1. art
    Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner in Their Bathing Suits in the HamptonsClement Greenberg stopped by.
  2. science = art
    Jackson Pollock, Secret Physicist?Not really, but he sure liked fluid dynamics.
  3. art candy
    The Mathematics of Jackson Pollock on a Street Corner in InwoodIn an impressive display of academic vandalism, uptown artist Mike Saijo created his bigger-than-life work Pollock Equation from pages torn from an advanced mathematics textbook, over which Saijo printed a photo of Jackson Pollock in all his wily glory.
  4. art candy
    What Is This? An Art Studio for Ants?Joe Fig’s tiny, meticulously crafted miniature replicas of famous artists’ studios, up at Southampton’s Parrish Art Museum through August 5, are every art nerd’s—and doll house enthusiast’s—happiest dream.