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James Andrew Miller

  1. fall preview 2018
    10 New Podcasts to Listen to This FallSerial season three, a 99% Invisible mini-series, an investigation of Boston’s Gardner Museum heist, and more.
  2. podcasts
    Can a Podcast Improve the Oral History?In Origins, James Andrew Miller puts a new spin on the oral history concept.
  3. ‘Live from New York’ Co-Author Jim Miller on How ‘SNL’ Has Changed and […]“I know that there were a lot of people, veteran SNL watchers, me, even, that thought that there might have been more of a house cleaning. And […]
  4. books
    How Has SNL Changed in the Last 10 Years?“Do you know how many cast members said to me, ‘I can’t drink that much, I can’t smoke that much.’”