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  1. vulture remix
    Idris Elba Is Playing James Bond (in This Mash-Up)It’s our latest Vulture Remix!
  2. the industry
    Sam Smith Confirmed for James Bond Title Song“Oh, won’t you shake for me? / Martinis all I need.”
  3. speculation nation
    Sam Smith Hints at Spectre ParticipationNice ring, Sam!
  4. smiling 101
    See How Idris Elba Used Instagram, Wisdom to Respond to That Bond CritiqueInstawisdom.
  5. james bond
    Bond Author: Idris Elba ‘Too Street’ to Be 007“I think he is probably a bit too street for Bond.”
  6. 007
    David Oyelowo Will (Sort of) Be the First Black James Bond, in a New AudiobookGet ready for Trigger Mortis.
  7. trailer mix
    Spectre Trailer: Kiss! Kiss! Bang! Bang! Waltz! Waltz!Christoph Waltz makes his first appearance.
  8. crazy broadway musicals
    There Will Be a James Bond MusicalWith new villains, as well as a new Bond girl.
  9. best bets
    U.K. Bookies Think Damian Lewis Has a Solid Shot at Becoming the Next James BondHis odds are now better than Idris Elba’s, apparently.
  10. casting rumors
    All Your Tweets Have Cost Idris Elba the Role of James Bond“If there was ever any chance of me getting Bond, it’s gone.”
  11. foot in mouth disease
    Did Roger Moore Say Something Racist About Elba?“He should be English-English.”
  12. trailer mix
    Daniel Craig Has Lots of Secrets in Spectre“Welcome, James.”
  13. books
    How Ian Fleming’s James Bond Was Born in JamaicaHe didn’t like Sean Connery at first.
  14. james bond
    Here’s Your First Look at Bond in SpectreThey’re filming it on a mountain in Austria.
  15. dream casting
    Idris Elba Responds to Those James Bond RumorsSo this is happening, right?
  16. sony hack
    Sony Co-chair Amy Pascal Wants Idris Elba to Be the Next James BondSomething we can all get behind.
  17. sony hack
    The New James Bond Movie Said to Have BlofeldAccording to new Sony leaks.
  18. movies
    The Next James Bond Film Will Be Called SpectreAre we getting Blofeld?
  19. movies
    Stephen Hawking Would Like to Be a Bond Villain, Thank You Very Much“I think the wheelchair and the computer voice would fit the part.”
  20. movies
    Christoph Waltz Might Be in the Next Bond MovieHis loyalties, as always, are uncertain.
  21. obits
    Bond Villain Richard Kiel Has DiedHe was 74.
  22. candy
    Watch Bob’s Burgers’ Perfect James Bond CreditsLinda sings a sexy, sultry, dangerous song.
  23. lawsuits
    MGM Accuses Universal of Making a James Bond Rip-offThere’s a lawsuit. 
  24. james bond
    Dominic Cooper Is Fleming, Ian FlemingIn the BBC America biopic of the James Bond creator.
  25. i’m back
    Sam Mendes to Direct Next James Bond FilmIt’s set for a November 6, 2015 U.S. release.
  26. directorial chairs
    Director Sam Mendes Might Return for the Next Bond Movie After AllSounds like a pretty strong possibility.
  27. gigs
    Sam Mendes Won’t Direct the Next BondHe’s too busy making plays.
  28. oscars 2013
    What Musicals Mean to the OscarsOld-time show tunes were everywhere in last night’s show.
  29. spitballing
    Which James Bond Films Would Look Best in 3-D? A Vulture RankingThere’s an awful rumor going around that the James Bond series might be converted into 3-D. So we made a list.
  30. james bond
    See a Comprehensive James Bond Travel MapWhere in the world is James Bond?
  31. true confessions
    Vulture Writers Confess Their Pop-Culture Blind SpotsHonesty time: Which writer has never seen a Star Wars movie? And which runs the other way when Hobbits approach?
  32. james bond
    Read a Chart That Tracks Violence in Bond MoviesBlame Pierce Brosnan.
  33. weekend box office
    Skyfall Is Back on Top of the Box OfficeWith Rise of the Guardians coming in second, if you can believe it.
  34. james bond
    All the Bond Girls: Then and NowCollect ‘em all!
  35. box office gold
    Thanksgiving Box Office Has Best Weekend EverTwilight in first place again certainly helped.
  36. week in vulture
    Ten Pop Culture Questions Vulture Answered This WeekBut seriously, what kind of suit does James Bond wear?
  37. james bond
    It’s a James Bond AlphabetSo many letters!
  38. toys in bondland
    Eight Bond Gadgets That Have Not Aged WellHairbrush phones, exploding alarm clocks, and much more.
  39. blue man group
    Blue Man Group Went Sky Diving Because of James Bond, We Guess?Group. Blue Man Group.
  40. james bond
    The James Bond Theme Goes A CappellaEat your heart out, Adele. (Actually, Adele could probably give two sh*ts.)
  41. spoiler corner
    Can We Nitpick Skyfall’s Evil Plan for a Moment?For all that advance work, Javier Bardem’s endgame felt a bit slapped together.
  42. the suit makes the man
    Ask a Bespoke Tailor: How Can James Bond Fight in Those Suits?It’s all in the crotch and the arm holes.
  43. james bond
    Elvis Mitchell Presents: The Lost Bond Movie, To Have and to GoldEat your heart out, Skyfall.
  44. box office gold
    Skyfall Has Best 007 Opener of All TimeAnd it’s on track for the biggest overall haul.
  45. vulture investigates
    Ask an Economist: Which Bond Villain Plan Would Have Worked (and Which Not)?Goldfinger’s, probably. Others, not so much.
  46. movie review
    Edelstein on Skyfall: The Bond Myth Is Mightier Than EverSam Mendes sends 007 into a battle that’s not just Bondian — it’s Oedipal, it’s biblical. And it’s absolutely thrilling.
  47. pop quiz
    Take Vulture’s Bond Villain QuizGuess the baddie.
  48. james bond
    Watch a Two-Hour-Long ‘Supercut’ of James Bond ScenesYou can’t beat Sean Connery. You just can’t.
  49. double-o-sassy
    What If the Drag Race Gals Were Bond Girls?See Chad Michaels as Pussy Galore, and more.
  50. too close to call
    Would Bond Make a Better Lincoln or Would Lincoln Make a Better Bond?You decide!!!
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