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  1. ‘The Simpsons’ Is the Only Thing That Matters to James DeenPorn star James Deen did a cool interview with Gawker today, in which his adoring love for The Simpsons came up. When asked if he ever feels […]
  2. movie review
    Edelstein on The Canyons: Howler From the HillsThe Canyons is the Lindsay Lohan comeback you were expecting, sadly.
  3. that’s a paddlin’
    James Deen Really Only Cares About The Simpsons“If it’s not on The Simpsons it doesn’t exist and most of the people I meet aren’t on The Simpsons.”
  4. chat room
    James Deen on The Canyons, Social Anxiety, and Sasha GreyAlso, Deen analyzes Fifty Shades of Grey: “He’s a man in control, and he needs a woman with a magic vagina who changes him.”
  5. quotables
    James Deen Still Likes Lindsay Lohan, Thinks James Franco Is a D*ckAnd he has some thoughts about Paul Schrader.
  6. acquisitions
    The Canyons to Be Released This SummerSo close yet so far. 
  7. profile
    Bret Easton Ellis’s Real Art Form Is the TweetHe doesn’t write books much anymore.
  8. no really
    James Deen Has Friends, Thinks Working With Lindsay Lohan Was ‘Fantastic’“Her intentions are fine.”
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    Watch a Scene From The CanyonsLilo gets roughed up by James Deen.
  10. vulture reads
    Sunday Reads: James Deen and Scary Movies Another excuse to stay indoors.
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    The Canyons Teaser: Lindsay Lohan Gets DirtyIt’s her hoped-for big-screen comeback, opposite porn star James Deen.
  12. casting couch
    Bret Easton Ellis Wants Porn Star James Deen for a Noir Movie“Nudity and acting a must,” according to Ellis.