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James Woods

  1. labor day
    Celebrities Defend Geoffrey Owens Having a JobJust a reminder that the world needs grocery store workers, too.
  2. #metoo
    Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Threatens to Expose the ‘#MeToo Issues’ of James Woods“Keep playing games and you will be next.”
  3. independence day
    James Woods Says His Agent, a True Patriot, Dropped Him on July FourthAmerica the beautiful.
  4. open letters
    Amber Tamblyn’s Stories About Objectification in Hollywood Are Unsettling“I have been afraid of speaking out or asking things of men in positions of power for years.”
  5. public discourse
    Amber Tamblyn Calls James Woods Part of the Problem in Open Letter About SexismShe hopes he can see their Twitter battle as a teachable moment.
  6. If You Come at Armie Hammer, He Will Call Out Your Creepy Dating HistoryWoods tweeted out a hypocritical complaint about Call Me by Your Name.
  7. wga awards 2017
    James Woods Stole Patton Oswalt’s Shoe at the WGA Awards, Quite a FeatOswalt promises it was not staged.
  8. twitter beef
    James Woods Leaves Twitter in Protest “Left wing savages” are bringing him down.
  9. twitter beef
    Twitter Teaches Angry Actor James Woods the Meaning of HyperboleThe company won’t be naming any names for the litigious loudmouth, either.
  10. casting couch
    Ving Rhames, Mary-Louise Parker, and James Woods Join Indie Jamesy BoyDirected by first-timer Trevor White.