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Jamie Campbell Bower

  1. casting
    Game of Thrones Prequel Casts a Bunch of Young Actors You’ll Have to RememberThe roster of up-and-comers includes Alex Sharp, Ivanno Jeremiah, and more.
  2. chat room
    Jamie Campbell Bower Wants to Be Like Brad PittIt’s the long, blond hair.
  3. quote machine
    Kathy Griffin Charmed by Ben SilvermanPlus: Simon Cowell would’ve spared us “Don’t Pass Me By.”
  4. quote machine
    Leslie Mann Sets the Record StraightPlus: Sienna Miller calls ‘G.I Joe: Rise of the Cobra’ “a film.”
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    T-Pain, Too, Makes Glorious Discoveries in the Airport BathroomPlus: David Cross’s long explanation for how he ended up in Alvin and the Chipmunks.
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    Helen Mirren Likes Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, and Money, PresumablyPlus quotes from Kim Deal and Jamie Campbell Bower.