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Jamie Hector

  1. no reservations
    There Was a Mini The Wire Reunion on No ReservationsThat’s so Brooklyn.
  2. the take
    ‘The Wire’ Alumni Watch: It Pays to Be a PlayerBeadie in ‘The Office’! Prez on Broadway! And Michael in Beverly Hills!
  3. vulture picture palace
    See the Short That Got Filmmaker Seith Mann a Job on ‘The Wire’Seith Mann’s intense, touching, and very well-made 2003 NYU short five deep breaths helped get both Mann a stint directing on the show and its lead, Jamie Hector, the chance to play young drug lord Marlo Stanfield.
  4. chat room
    Jamie Hector on Playing Marlo on ‘The Wire’ — and Keeping Secrets About ‘Heroes’How does a nice guy play a ruthless drug lord? Moving “the way a king might move.”