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Jane Austen

  1. overnights
    Sanditon Recap: Pineapple PartySidney is growing slightly less rude, but not less rude enough to not just … stand there naked in the sea.
  2. tv review
    Sanditon Delivers Everything You Expect of an Austen Adaptation—Until it Doesn’tPBS Masterpiece’s miniseries version of Austen’s unfinished novel is exquisite, thoughtfully adapted, and, in its final moments, extremely perplexing.
  3. trailer mix
    Emma Teaser Reminds Us That Laughing at Rich People Is FunWho doesn’t love a good comeuppance?
  4. vulture lists
    The Five Essential Jane Austen-Premised NovelsThe canon of books using Austen as a literary device instead of, you know, stealing her plots.
  5. casting
    Anya Taylor-Joy to Star in the Latest Adaptation of Jane Austen’s EmmaJane Austen is having a big day!
  6. movie review
    Whit Stillman’s Love & Friendship Is a TreatThe director has improved on his source, Jane Austen’s pre–Pride and Prejudice epistolary novella commonly known as “Lady Susan.”
  7. books
    The Ongoing Allure of Pride and PrejudiceConsider that this Jane Austen classic has received upwards of a hundred book adaptations.
  8. wet t-shirt contest
    Mr. Darcy’s Sopping-Wet Shirt, Now Hopefully Dry, Is Coming to AmericaFirst DVDs, now a shirt? What will libraries have next?
  9. movie reviews
    Review: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and MehYou can enjoy the film — well, parts of it — as a middling stock production with flurries of gore to break the monotony.
  10. theater
    Theater Review: Sense & Sensibility & SpeedinessIt’s fun.
  11. trailer mix
    Trailer for Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesWe finally have a trailer.
  12. adaptations
    Brownstein Will Finish Ephron’s Lost in AustenAbout a woman transported to the world of Jane Austen.
  13. books
    Whit Stillman Is Working on a Jane Austen–Inspired BookIt may or may not be related to his Austen movie.
  14. Jane Austen Responds to Spam, by Daniel HurwitzSubject: GOOD NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOU!! From: David david@freeipad.org To: Jane Austen Hi Friend! OH MY GOSH! I know I shouldn’t talk about […]
  15. unspecial relationship
    Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Get to Keep Her Jane Austen RingSorry, Anglophiles.
  16. 21 Jane Austen (and Austen-Related) Movies and Miniseries, RankedFrom Austenland to Price and Prejudice and everything in between.
  17. money
    Jane Austen Is Getting Her Own 10-Pound NoteGood job, England.
  18. good match
    Nora Ephron to Direct Jane Austen-Related MovieAppropriate reaction is “Woo hoo!”
  19. beefs
    V.S. Naipaul Talks Smack About Jane AustenWere she here, she would just shrug, laugh dismissively.
  20. books
    See Jane Austen’s Original Manuscripts OnlineShe had very intense handwriting.
  21. books
    Watch Jane Austen’s Fight ClubElizabeth Bennet teaches the girls a new way to spend their leisure hours.
  22. lists
    The Jane Austen Characters Jay McInerney Crushes on HardestBecause you’ve been dying to know.
  23. books
    See a Sneak Peek of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the Graphic NovelCharmingly grisly.
  24. the industry
    James Cameron to Go On a Fantastic VoyagePlus: J.J. Abrams! Bryce Dallas Howard! Danny McBride!
  25. gimmicks
    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies the Miniseries Is a GoWith six parts!
  26. the industry
    Jimmy Fallon Has All the Time in the WorldPlus: Real-life car-crash deaths potentially coming to CBS.
  27. gimmicks
    Jane Austen by Way of George RomeroWhere’s the love for George Eliot?
  28. the weekend read
    Jane Austen, Teenage Know-It-AllA taste of Jane Austen, in Anne Hathaway’s honor.
  29. news reel
    Jane Austen, Carrie Bradshaw, and Anne Hathaway’s Fruitless Pursuit of Co-edsLast night’s Tribeca panel on Becoming Jane, the Jane Austen biopic coming out in August, resembled a twittering Austen book club more than it did your typical post-screening Q&A.