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Jane The Virgin Season 5

  1. overnights
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Just Like a Telenovela!As Jane heads into its endgame, the two biggest unresolved matters are questions the series has been playing with from the first episode.
  2. overnights
    Jane the Virgin Recap: A Storm’s ComingAs it approaches its endgame, Jane looks backward in order to move ahead.
  3. overnights
    Jane the Virgin Recap: No Cheating at LoteríaJane and Rafael finally have the conversation they needed to have, and Rogelio finally gets the hang of his tail.
  4. behind the scenes
    How Gina Rodriguez Pulled Off Jane the Virgin’s Amazing 7-Minute Monologue“When you have an actor like that, you can write something with full confidence that she’s going to kill it.”