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Janis Joplin

  1. books
    Peggy Caserta, Janis Joplin’s Love, Comes Clean (for Real This Time)Four decades ago, her first memoir made her infamous.
  2. biopics
    Lee Daniels Eyeing Amy Adams’s Janis Joplin FilmHe’s already making The Butler. Might as well stay historical.
  3. in development
    Janis Joplin Biopic Lands Its Director and StarVenus in Fur’s Nina Arianda and Martha Marcy May Marlene’s Sean Durkin.
  4. 30 rock
    ‘Criterion’ Poster for Jackie Jormp-JompJenna Maroney is Jackie Jormp-Jomp.
  5. casting
    Weirdly, Amy Adams May Star in a Janis Joplin BiopicReally weirdly.
  6. killjoys
    30 Rock Prompts Predictable Wikipedia LockdownAll references to Janis Joplin’s fear of toilets have been deleted.