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  1. the industry
    Netflix Orders Japan Sinks 2020 From Director Masaaki YuasaA fun little show about environmental collapse!
  2. trailer mix
    Queer Eye: We’re in Japan! Trailer: Queer Eye, But Make It JapanThe trailer answers the age-old question, “What if Queer Eye but in Japan?”
  3. single ladies
    A Japanese Chronicler of ‘Women on Their Own,’ RediscoveredYuko Tsushima’s brilliant Territory of Light is the late, prolific author’s fourth novel published in English.
  4. What It’s Like to Watch Isle of Dogs As a Japanese SpeakerWhat’s the experience of watching Isle for a person who can speak and understand Japanese? Is the metaphor — and the film — just not made for you?
  5. winter olympics 2018
    NBC Apologizes for Olympics Opening Ceremony Japan CommentThe network issued a statement on analyst Joshua Cooper Ramo’s suggestion that South Korea credits its “transformation” to Japan.
  6. The Japanese Spider-Man Was the Craziest Superhero Show Ever▶️ “An emissary from hell. Spider-Man!”
  7. childhood nostalgia
    Japan Is Getting a My Neighbor Totoro Theme ParkCan Catbus take us there?
  8. theater review
    Theater Review: An All-Female, All-Japanese ChicagoAll that ja … pan?
  9. roll clip!
    Watch a Japanese Ghostbusters Music VideoPut out by four Japanese comedians — sorry, heroes.
  10. This Japanese Comedy Robot Is Terrifying Here’s video of a robot developed in Japan to make people laugh. It was created by a team of researchers at Japan’s Waseda University led by […]
  11. cancellations
    Paul McCartney Cancels Entire Japan TourThe Beatle caught a bug.
  12. Upcoming Obstacle Races, by Alex PearsonMark your calendars, runners. Don’t miss out on the newest, most challenging, and inventive races yet. The Urban Obstacler: Running eight […]
  13. The New Season of ‘Childrens Hospital’ Takes Place on a Military Base in […]TV’s craziest fake medical drama is about to get even crazier. This week, Adult Swim released info on Season 5 of Childrens Hospital, which is […]
  14. adaptations
    Ken Watanabe Set for Samurai UnforgivenSounds about right.
  15. the ring
    Sadako Japanese Baseball GameDon’t look directly at her!
  16. john goodman
    Visit a Blog Dedicated to Pasting Pictures of John Goodman’s Face Onto the Bodies of Anime GirlsBehold: Dan Connerson.
  17. The Second City and Yoshimoto Will Open a New Theater in JapanThe Second City’s going international, with a new partnership with Japan’s comedy conglomerate Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. LTD (which Laura taught us […]
  18. lady gaga
    Watch Lady Gaga on Japanese TVGaga goes East, tries her best to get the Japanese to “Marry the Night.”
  19. Would You Enroll in Japan’s Comedy School?Back in March, Laura Turner Garrison told us all about the giant content production company Yoshimoto and its firm grip on the Japanese comedy […]
  20. Japan’s Talk Show King Quits Over Yakuza Connection Kotaku has the story of Japan’s Shinksuke Shimada retiring from showbusiness yesterday over links to yakuza, pretty scandalous business […]
  21. clickables
    Meet Aimi Eguchi, Japan’s Most Famous Robot Pop StarThis was a whole big thing in Japan.
  22. clickables
    Here’s a Real, Slightly Alarming Urinal Video GameIt looks painful.
  23. clickables
    Watch a Mesmerizing Techno Ring Art RoutineMeet the Gob Bluth of Japan!
  24. clickables
    Watch the Familiar Intro for Saturday Night Live JapanIs that Don Pardo?
  25. Taking a Look at the New Saturday Night Live JPN Here’s the intro to the new Japanese version of SNL that premiered last weekend. It’s very similar to the US intro! They even got Don Pardo […]
  26. A Japanese Saturday Night Live Premieres This WeekendApparently, there are international versions of Saturday Night Live? How did I not know this? There are already Italian and Spanish SNLs, and […]
  27. clickables
    Watch a Professional Japanese Kid Wrestler Totally Dominate His Adult OpponentsHe is awesome.
  28. clickables
    Watch Japanese Slow-Motion Robot Dancers Take Over an AirportIt’s not a flash mob; it’s “Machine Civilization.”
  29. Yoshimoto and the Business of Comedy in JapanWhat is the deal with international comedy? Join me each week to ask that very question in Comedy Tourism as I explore different trends and […]
  30. japan
    Disney Suspends Operations at Its Tokyo OfficesEmployees are encouraged to leave the area.
  31. gilbert gottfried
    Gilbert Gottfried Tweets His Way Out of a JobYes, Gilbert, the Twitter is read by your employers.
  32. clickables
    Watch Some Crazy Candy Sushi Get Made Before Your Very EyesIt’s really cool.
  33. Holy Shit, the Japanese Intro to 30 Rock Is Amazing Guys. Guys! This is the intro to 30 Rock in Japan. It’s really something! It makes the show seem so slapsticky, and there’s a closeup of […]
  34. clickables
    Watch the Entirely Fantastic Japanese Intro to 30 RockOh wow.
  35. the cove
    Not a Single Japanese Movie Theatre Has Screened The CoveA Japanese nationalist fringe group is scaring theaters away from the film.
  36. music
    Watch Jamiroquai’s Amusing Instant Ramen Commercial“Virtual Insanity” is still chugging along over in Japan.
  37. music
    Weezer Is Huge in Japan: The Sing-alongJapan can’t stop partying, partying.
  38. tv
    The Japanese Susan Boyle ImpersonatorSmasan Boyle.
  39. glee
    Video: Japan’s Awesome New Glee PromoSumo wrestlers can sing, too.
  40. countdown
    Predicting ‘The Wire’: A Talmudic Reading of HBO’s Full-Page Ad“Read between the lines,” the ad urges us. And so we will!
  41. tube junkie
    Big in Japan: ‘The Butt-Biting Bug Song’We’re not sure why, exactly, but in Japan “The Butt-Biting Bug Song” is more popular than “Chocolate Rain,” the Star Wars kid, and LOLcats combined.