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  1. casting
    Matt Smith in Talks to Star With Jared Leto in Spidey Spinoff MorbiusThe role is not being disclosed yet.
  2. Jared Leto Joins the Spider-Man Cinematic Universe As Morbius the Living VampireThis is curious choice.
  3. the joker
    A Jared Leto Stand-alone Joker Movie Is Definitely HappeningThis is not to be confused with the Joker origin story that is possibly starring Joaquin Phoenix.
  4. Playboy Puts Brett Ratner Hugh Hefner Movie on Hold in Wake of AllegationsAdditionally, Jared Leto’s representatives claim he was never involved in the film.
  5. casting couch
    Oh Jeez, Jared Leto Is Playing Hugh HefnerIn a biopic directed by Brett Ratner.
  6. casting couch
    Jared Leto Is ‘a Little Confused’ by the Multiple Joker Movies in the WorksSame.
  7. shorts
    Meet Jared Leto’s Creepy Blade Runner Character in This 2049 Prequel Short FilmJared Leto’s character introduces a new and improved line of replicants.
  8. The 2017 VMAs Were Beyond SavingThey exist for no reason beyond the fact that they already exist.
  9. unlikely celebrity friendships
    Halsey Considers John Mayer a ‘Comedic Genius,’ Sometimes Runs Jokes by HimShe also wants Leo DiCaprio, in his Romeo + Juliet costume, to speak at her funeral.
  10. infinite franchises
    Warner Bros. Is Developing a Joker–and–Harley Quinn MovieIt will be directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, who executive-produce This Is Us.
  11. fourth of july
    Jared Leto Wants You to Show Him the ‘Real America’Would Viola Davis care to weigh in?
  12. jared leto
    Jared Leto to Direct 77, a Movie About the Kidnapping of Patty HearstThis will be the actor’s feature directing debut.
  13. woulda coulda shoulda
    Director David Ayer on Suicide Squad: I ‘Wish I Had a Time Machine’His solution somehow involves more Joker.
  14. trailer mix
    Here’s a Suicide Squad Blooper Reel, If You LikeViola Davis is fond of the s-word.
  15. trailer mix
    Watch Jared Leto in the Camp Mars TrailerNo horseback riding or pottery here.
  16. bad blood
    Jared Leto Loses Lawsuit Over Taylor Swift VideoTurns out, Jared Leto technically does not own said video.
  17. Jared Leto to Star in Andy Warhol BiopicHe would like another Oscar, please.
  18. dialogues
    Did Suicide Squad Even Need the Joker?A dialogue on the Clown Prince of Crime.
  19. music videos
    Leto Drops by Skrillex and Ross’s Music VideoHe’s on a boat!
  20. men's fashion
    Jared Leto Is ‘Sorry’ for Ruining Your Meme“Perception versus reality.”
  21. suicide squad
    Ike Barinholtz Was ‘Sexually Menaced’ by LetoHe also had the workout of a lifetime.
  22. despicable bae
    Jared Leto Tried to Steal From McConaughey“I don’t know whether to kick your ass or fuck it!”
  23. bad jokes
    Jared Leto Sent Viola Davis a Box of BulletsThough this be madness, there is method acting in it.
  24. never have i ever
    Drake, Jared Leto Play ‘Never Have I Ever’Guess which one of them has used a song to talk about his feelings for a girl?
  25. roll clip!
    Viola Davis Didn’t Have to Deal With Leto GiftsSensible Squad.
  26. comic-book movies
    Things Jared Leto Sent Suicide Squad Co-starsHe sent co-stars a used condom and anal beads.
  27. my so-called joker
    Suicide Squad Director Praises Jared Leto“When he steps onto the set the world stops.”
  28. Viola Davis Reflects on Jared Leto’s Gross GiftsHis introduction to the Suicide Squad cast.
  29. oscars 2014
    Best Supporting Actor: Is Jared Leto Unbeatable?And if it’s not him, then who?
  30. party chat
    Jared Leto Is Basically StarvingFor his role in Dallas Buyer’s Club.
  31. casting couch
    Jared Leto Cast Alongside Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyer’s ClubAs an HIV-positive cross-dresser.
  32. the vulture transcript
    How to Get Jared Leto to Invite You on a HikeJust point out that he seems sorta out of shape. (It worked for us.)
  33. clickables
    See Jared Leto Wear a SkirtJordan Catalano looks crazy.
  34. sex
    Jared Leto Too Sexy for MTVOfficially, this time.
  35. clickables
    Watch the Full (Censored) Version of 30 Seconds to Mars’s ‘Hurricane’Jared Leto remains shirtless and mulleted.
  36. clickables
    See a Shirtless Jared Leto Fight Ninjas and Seduce WomenTry to ignore the Dan Brown–esque tattoos.
  37. clickables
    Woman Transforms Herself Into Jared Leto Using MakeupIt’s called ART.
  38. art
    See Jared Leto’s Embarrassing Teen-Modeling PhotosWow!
  39. music
    Jared Leto Sings ‘Bad Romance,’ and It Is Not So HotEnjoy!
  40. my so-called life
    Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano, 15 Years LaterBut what of Brian Krakow?
  41. kanye
    Kanye Gets Kicked Off 30 Seconds to Mars’s WarHis sterling vocal work on the song “Hurricane” is out of there.
  42. right-click
    Kanye West and Jordan Catalano Overemote TogetherThis is the story of the new song “Hurricane.”
  43. quote machine
    Willie Nelson’s Pot-Resistant Lungs the Envy of Gold Medalists EverywherePlus: Asher Roth lets them boogie but still chases the booty.
  44. power trios
    Kanye West + Jared Leto + Brandon Flowers = Wha?We are just as baffled as you are.
  45. right-click
    Jared Leto More Daft Than PunkThe Flaming Lips, Omarion, and more!
  46. the industry
    Mandy Patinkin Goes AWOL From ‘Criminal Minds’Plus industry news on Ben Silverman and NBC, the Weinstein Company’s mob movie, and Jared Leto and Sarah Polley’s new film.