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Jarvis Cocker

  1. mystery solved
    Now We Might Know the Woman Who Inspired Pulp’s ‘Common People’ [Updated]She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge.
  2. Jonah Hill May Be Singing Drake Songs TomorrowLil Wayne and Pussy Riot will be there, too. Seriously. 
  3. Jarvis Cocker on Pulp’s New Documentary and the Future of the Band“I’d love to tell you that we’re like One Direction.”
  4. influences
    Former My Chemical Romance Frontman Gerard Way Explains His Britpop InfluencesThe New Jersey singer discusses his Lush life.
  5. common people
    Pulp’s Reunion Show Is the Greatest Revival in MidtownThe enduring appeal of Jarvis Cocker’s “slightly shady form of glamour.”
  6. britpop
    Jarvis Cocker’s a Book Editor NowCongratulations.
  7. the industry
    Jarvis Cocker Is Releasing a Lyrics BookIt’s dropping in the fall.
  8. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From the Strokes to Andrew BirdPlus: Pulp, Explosions in the Sky, Iggy Pop …
  9. clickables
    Watch a Druggy Music Video for Discodeine’s ‘Synchronize,’ Featuring Jarvis CockerBut the song is good.
  10. reunions
    Pulp Is Reuniting!Hooray!
  11. music
    Download Jarvis Cocker’s Odd New Album of Nature SoundsFor instance: gravel crunching, birds chirping, and waves lapping.
  12. brits
    Jarvis Cocker Tries to Get Into Russell Brand’s HeadspaceCocker will be penning tracks for Brand to sing in ‘Get Him to the Greek.’
  13. jarvis cocker
    ?uestlove Confused by His First-Ever Jarvis Cocker EncounterHasn’t the Roots drummer ever seen a gangly, bespectacled British person flailing his arms to pretend heavy metal?
  14. chat room
    Jarvis Cocker on His New Album, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and That Time He Bum-rushed Michael Jackson“Luckily I haven’t had any heart attacks or anything like that yet.”
  15. leak of the week
    Leaked: Jarvis Cocker Gets Rock HardSteve Albini + Jarvis Cocker = Awesome.
  16. memes
    Jarvis Cocker Totally Understands the Meme EconomyIf bands these days are only as good as their ability to create bloggable memes, Jarvis Cocker’s doing a pretty great job.
  17. last night's gig
    Jarvis Cocker Shares Fluids With Front-Row ConcertgoersAlmost everybody lost their shit when he grabbed his crotch, singing “I heard it said you are hung like a white man.”
  18. apropos of nothing
    Jarvis Cocker to Write Music for Wes Anderson’s ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’; Movie Now Sounds Too Good to Actually HappenSo how long before test screenings start scaring children and the studio demands reshoots on this thing?
  19. right-click
    Jarvis Cocker Plays One for the LadiesDownload brand-new tracks from Jarvis, Lil Wayne, and Mystery Jets! Well, download the Jarvis one, at least.
  20. last night's gig
    Jarvis Cocker, Still Sarcastic After All These Years