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  1. Take a Moment to Relax with Kerri Kenney in ‘Painting with Joan’We’re in the middle of a very intense political news day, and when things get stressful, it’s important to take a moment to breathe, relax, and […]
  2. ‘Men Don’t Whisper’: The Best Short of 2017?Another This Week in Web Videos installment and another go90/JASH collabo that awes. Yes. Men Don’t Whisper is that good. As […]
  3. ‘Tond’ Combines Joke-Forward Sensibilities with a Coen Brothers Feel To watch Tond is to learn that filmmakers Kelly Hudson, Josh Ruben, and Vince Peone really dig the kind meticulous understatement made famous […]
  4. Sarah Silverman Meets Michael Sheen in JASH’s New Short ‘You Can Never […]Recently JASH teamed up with go90 and Band of Robbers’ Aaron and Adam Nee to produce a new short film starring Sarah Silverman and Michael […]
  5. Check Out Matt Besser and JASH’s New Short ‘Arkippiana’UCB cofounder Matt Besser recently made a new short film with JASH called Arkippiana, and this week it’s available to view for free over on […]
  6. JASH Announces Its First Comedy & Music Festival JASHFESHTOnline comedy collective JASH has a brand new comedy and music festival in the works. Today they announced their inaugural two-day JASHFESHT […]
  7. JASH’s Sarah Silverman-Hosted Variety Show Is Now on VimeoBack in April, Xbox decided to get into the comedy game by ordering a variety show pilot from web video collective JASH hosted by Sarah […]
  8. This Week In Web Videos: ‘The Amazing Gayl Pile’Casting ain’t easy, but it’s necessary: wise words spoken by…no one in particular, but felt deep down in the heart cockles of everyone who’s […]
  9. Aziz Ansari, Jason Woliner, and Eric Wareheim Present ‘Food Club’ Here’s a new video from JASH of a food and culture show called “Food Club” that was created by and stars Aziz Ansari, Eric Wareheim, and Jason […]
  10. Eric Andre Gets Naked (Again) on Natasha Leggero’s Web Show Natasha Leggero may have the only talk show that’s nearly as crazy as Eric Andre’s. Andre visited Leggero’s JASH web series Tubbin’ with Tash […]
  11. Here Are Reggie Watts’s First Two JASH Videos JASH, a new YouTube channel featuring original content from Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim & Eric, and Reggie Watts launched earlier […]
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    Watch a Promo for Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera’s New YouTube ChannelReggie Watts, Tim Heidecker, and Eric Wareheim are also on board.