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  1. spoilers
    Ozark’s Finale Gave Us Shock Without SubstanceThe Netflix thriller’s final moments are emblematic of what often made the show more frustrating than fulfilling.
  2. review
    The Superficial Pleasures of SmartlessThe celebrity-hosted show is so vanilla it’s almost provocative.
  3. movie review
    Melissa McCarthy Can’t Save the Day, or the Studio Comedy, in Thunder ForceThe Netflix spoof, which co-stars Octavia Spencer and Jason Bateman, doesn’t make its superhero buddy antics work.
  4. trailer mix
    Get Super-Stoked for Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy Thunder Force Trailer’Jason Bateman is a crab-person’ celebrity conspiracy theory CONFIRMED.
  5. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Jason Bateman Is Ready and SteadyIn his return as host, Bateman proves himself a solid SNL utility player, ready to play anyone from Santa to musical guest Morgan Wallen.
  6. snl
    SNL Went All-in on Morgan Wallen With Wall-to-Wall Wallens in Meta SketchAfter Morgan Wallen’s reputation had fallen, future Wallens came callin’. But where was Colin?
  7. snl
    Jason Bateman Recalls Chimp Attack in SNL Monologue“This was 2005, things were loose.”
  8. snl
    Jason Bateman Reveals His Secret Identity in SNL Promo With Morgan Wallen“We did it! We booked Batman!”
  9. snl
    SNL Taps Timothée Chalamet, Jason Bateman, and Kristen Wiig to HostAnd Morgan Wallen is getting a second chance as musical guest.
  10. emmys 2020
    Can You Spot Actual Jason Bateman Hiding Among the Cardboard Emmys Audience?The world’s easiest game of Where’s Waldo?
  11. whoops
    Emmy Does Not Love MichaelJason Bateman was accidentally given the Outstanding Guest Actor for a Drama Series award meant for someone else.
  12. final seasons
    Netflix Is Laundering Up a Fourth and Final Season of Ozark, in Two PartsThe Byrde family is back for one last job(s).
  13. trailer mix
    Ozark Season 3 Trailer: The Byrdes Need More Than Therapy To Save Their FamilyYour dad’s favorite show is back on Friday, March 27th.
  14. tv review
    HBO’s The Outsider Keeps You Guessing, and Guessing, and GuessingRichard Price’s adaptation of Stephen King’s 2018 crime thriller weaves a tangled, unruly web of questions it doesn’t seem inclined to answer.
  15. premieres
    Hey, High Roller, Ozark Season 3 Debuts in MarchCasino time.
  16. trailer mix
    Jason Bateman Maybe Murdered Someone in The Outsider TrailerBased on the book by little-known author Stephen King.
  17. a-list directors
    Emmy Winning Director Jason Bateman in Talks to Helm ClueIf he’s good enough to beat Benioff and Weiss, he’s good enough for Clue.
  18. emmys 2019
    Jason Bateman Is Really Surprised Jason Bateman Won an Emmy Over Game of ThronesEmmy! Win! Michael!
  19. movies about movies
    John Cena Will Get Trapped in a Bunch of Movies at NetflixJason Bateman will direct the comedy for the streaming network.
  20. renewals
    Ozark Will Continue Making Literally Dark Television for a Third SeasonThe Byrde family just can’t leave the life behind.
  21. emmy insider
    A (Very) Condensed Recap to Ozark Season OneWanna brush up on Ozark? Here’s a guide to all the essentials from the Netflix drama’s first season.
  22. trailer mix
    Ozark Season 2 Trailer: We Gotta Get Out of This PlaceThe Missouri Tourism Board won’t be thrilled.
  23. comedy
    398 Arrested Development Jokes You Probably MissedThe most obscure jokes, references, Easter eggs, and hidden bits of foreshadowing in Arrested Development.
  24. backstories
    How Game Night Broke Modern Comedy’s Rules to Win at the Box Office“What genre is it? Am I supposed to be laughing? Am I supposed to be … uneasy?”
  25. jaston batewoman
    Jason Bateman Wants to Play a Woman, Like in Tootsie, Sort ofOkay.
  26. arrested development
    Thomas Sadoski Has Some Serious Words for Jessica Walter’s Co-starsAnd one of them is “pathetic.”
  27. backlash
    David Cross Says He Will ‘Unequivocally Apologize’ to Jessica Walter“I’m sorry that we behaved the way we behaved.”
  28. Game Night Will Make You Wish Rachel McAdams Still Made ComediesThe Jason Bateman–starring comedy is better than it needs to be, thanks to sharp setups and a few great performances.
  29. Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Sharon Horgan, Chelsea Peretti, and More […]Last year, Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams signed on to star in a comedy together called Game Night, and today a new trailer for the film was […]
  30. trailer mix
    New Game Night Trailer: McAdams and Bateman Bond Over Trivia, MurderThe R-rated comedy will be out February 2.
  31. kimmel komix
    J.J. Abrams Brings Jimmy Kimmel’s Teen Comic Book to Life With Absurd TrailerStarring Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Billy Crudup, Jennifer Aniston, and more.
  32. Jason Bateman Says Arrested Development Season 5 Production Kicks Off Next Week“Here comes trouble.”
  33. Jason Bateman Reveals Some ‘Arrested Development’ Season 5 DetailsSeason 5 of Arrested Development is officially a go at Netflix, and in a round of interviews this week, Jason Bateman revealed a few details […]
  34. vertigo
    Arrested Development Season 5 Will Revolve Around a Murder MysteryWho killed Lucille Two?
  35. Ozark Trailer: Jason Bateman and Laura Linney Are Getting Dramatic in the WoodsPremiering on Netflix July 21.
  36. profile
    Jason Bateman Is Ready for a Dramatic TransformationAfter working successfully in comedy for a very long time, he’s making a radical career change. And he’s making a big bet that you’re ready, too.
  37. Jason Bateman Officially Signs on for ‘Arrested Development’ Season 5Season 5 of Arrested Development is getting closer. On Friday night, star Jason Bateman tweeted that he has officially signed on for the new […]
  38. renewals
    Jason Bateman Says Arrested Development Season 5 Is ImminentThe Bluths are back, baby!
  39. live reads
    There Will Be an All-Female Live Read of Juno to Benefit Planned ParenthoodEllen Page and Jennifer Garner will reunite in the name of the #resistance.
  40. arrested development
    Arrested Development Has a Hook for Season 5It’s quite an idea.
  41. Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams to Star in ‘Game Night’ ComedyJason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are starring in a movie together. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bateman and McAdams will star in a […]
  42. trailer mix
    Watch the New Office Christmas Party Trailer*drinks eggnog while driving off a bridge*
  43. casting couch
    Laura Linney Joins Jason Bateman’s Netflix DramaShe continues to be the most low-key three-time Oscar nominee ever.
  44. Check Out the Trailer for Jason Bateman’s Next Movie ‘The Family Fang’Jason Bateman made his feature directorial debut with 2013’s Bad Words, and now he’s back at it again with his latest feature The Family Fang. […]
  45. Kate McKinnon, T.J. Miller, Jason Bateman, and More to Star in ‘Office […]DreamWorks has a new holiday movie in the works with a pretty exciting cast attached. The Wrap reports that Jennifer Aniston, T.J. Miller, […]
  46. no touching
    Jeffrey Tambor Is Still Jason Bateman’s DadTambor won a SAG Award for his performance in Transparent.
  47. trailer mix
    New Zootopia Trailer: It’s Hard to Be a Bunny in a Dog-Eat-Dog WorldWhat do you call a three-humped camel?
  48. movie review
    The Gift Lives Up to the Term ‘Psychological Thriller’Joel Edgerton shows off his directing chops with his tense feature debut.
  49. exclusive
    Watch Jason Bateman’s Chilly Breakup in This Exclusive Clip From The GiftHow do you cut things off with the friend who won’t leave you alone?
  50. Jason Bateman to Direct and Star in ‘IPO Man’Jason Bateman has another film lined up. Deadline reports that Bateman will both direct and star in a film adaptation of the 2013 Wired […]
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