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  1. halloween
    The Halloween Kills Team Did a Costumed Red CarpetRed carpets are back, so why not go all out?
  2. welcome to the blumhouse
    Jason Blum Won’t Let a Pandemic Stop His Low-Budget-Horror MachineHis new Amazon film series, Welcome to the Blumhouse, is plowing ahead for a second season in 2021.
  3. horror
    Which Welcome to the Blumhouse Movies Should You Watch?A guide to Jason Blum’s new horror anthology series on Prime Video.
  4. timeline
    How The Hunt Came Back From CancellationAfter being pulled from Universal’s release calendar, the hyperviolent Blumhouse movie gets a second chance to use controversy to its advantage.
  5. trailer mix
    The Hunt Movie Rises From Controversy and It’s Going Full Troll in a New Trailer“None of us were interested in taking sides with this movie,” says producer Jason Blum.
  6. movie review
    Don’t Let Go Reveals the Limits of Color-blind Casting and WritingIt is as if Hollywood believes that blackness can be shrugged off, exorcised from the lives of characters.
  7. q&a
    Jason Blum Still Wants to Release The HuntThe Blumhouse Productions founder talks color-blind casting, Hollywood’s future, and why he’d make The Hunt again.
  8. adaptations
    Mark Wahlberg, Blumhouse to Adapt ‘The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence’Ezra Marcus and James D. Walsh’s New York article investigates the father of a Sarah Lawrence student who began manipulating a group of her peers.
  9. horror
    Amazon Makes a Deal With Blumhouse for 8 Horror FilmsThe studio wants its share of the “social thriller” pie.
  10. israel film festival
    Jason Blum Pulled Offstage Amid Boos After Anti-Trump Speech at Israel Film Fest“Well, this night went kinda haywire.”
  11. horror
    Jason Blum: There Aren’t Enough Women Interested in Directing Horror to Hire One“There are not a lot of female directors period.”
  12. a closer look
    What to Expect From The Purge TV ShowFranchise creator James DeMonaco and producer Jason Blum spill a few secrets.
  13. cinemacon 2018
    Jason Blum on BlacKkKlansman: ‘They Are Awful But They Are Stupid!’This movie sounds like a hoot.
  14. the industry
    New York Magazine Story ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ Becoming a Movie and a SeriesBlumhouse is developing it simultaneously for both big and small screens.
  15. chat room
    Todd McFarlane Doesn’t Want His Spawn Film to Feel Like a Superhero MovieAnd he’s not nervous about being a first-time director.
  16. marketing
    The Savvy Strategies That Made Split and Get Out the Year’s Most Unexpected HitsMaking a movie for cheap is one thing. Selling it to viewers is another.
  17. interviews
    Jason Blum Is Making Horror History by Showing Us Its FutureGet Out is one of the most critically acclaimed horror films of recent memory, and its producer Jason Blum is the genre’s kingmaker.
  18. tv news
    Kevin Bacon in Tremors TV RebootWho wants to play Six Degrees of Worms?
  19. casting couch
    Jennifer Lopez Will Play a CougarShe takes the lead in The Boy Next Door.
  20. casting
    Ethan Hawke Cast in Horror ThrillerProduced by the ‘Paranormal Activity’ guy.
  21. the industry
    Spike Lee Tunes Up His Flux CapacitorPlus: J.J. Abrams to make movie about a house and Hollywood may finally have the perfect starring vehicle for McLovin.