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Jason Bourne

  1. trailer mix
    USA’s Treadstone Trailer: Why Did We Make So Many Goshdarn Jason Bournes?!One Jason Bourne? Great, perfect. A ton of Jason Bournes? We did not think this through.
  2. vulture lists
    The 50 Best Spy Movies of All TimeFrom Hitchcock to Bourne, and beyond.
  3. the industry
    Chinese Audiences Upset About 3-D Jason BourneChinese audiences are complaining about nausea after seeing the film.
  4. last night on late night
    James Corden Explores the Gritty World of Fake Stunts With Matt Damon“This can’t be the first time he’s been punched in the face.”
  5. $$$$$
    Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne Homecoming Won the Box Office This WeekendWho could resist such a charming Boston fellow?
  6. movies
    A Quick Refresher on the Jason Bourne Universe BackstoryUniversal was really planning on more Jeremy Renner movies.
  7. vulture lists
    A Close Look at Matt Damon’s 45 Lines of Dialogue in Jason BourneThat’s a full 288 words for you Jason Bourne reenactors to memorize.
  8. honest trailers
    Watch the Bourne Trilogy Honest TrailerThe movies have a formula.
  9. review roundup
    Jason Bourne Review Roundup: High-Tech Chaos for the Post-Snowden EraThat car chase, though.
  10. movie review
    Jason Bourne Exhausts With Its Cybercentric Sensory OverloadJason Bourne isn’t much more fun than the stoic Matt Damon is — it’s too assaultive and humorless. But it’s a wow. Wow is it a wow.
  11. replacements
    Matt Damon ‘Fine’ With a New, Younger Bourne It’s the circle of reboots/And it moves us all.
  12. roll clip!
    Jason Bourne Clips: Matt Damon Loves SpeedingSuper-spies are always in a rush these days.
  13. pranks
    Matt Damon Pranks People With ‘Spy Missions’Not a nice prank, sir!
  14. trailer mix
    Watch Jason Bourne’s Punchy ReturnWill this guy ever find peace?
  15. roll clip!
    A First Look at Mad Matt Damon in Jason Bourne“OMG, that’s Jason Bourne!”
  16. first looks
    Look at Matt Damon’s First Set Pic From Bourne 5Jason Bourne is back, and he is frowny.
  17. bourne
    Matt Damon Divulges New Details on the Next ‘Post-Snowden’ Bourne FilmThe movie co-stars Tommy Lee Jones, which is reason enough to see it.
  18. casting couch
    Matt Damon Will Reprise His Role As Jason BourneSorry, Jeremy Renner.
  19. reunions
    Matt Damon Is Returning to the Bourne FranchiseBefore the spinoff sequel starring Jeremy Renner.
  20. bourne again
    Jason Bourne Not In Fourth Jason Bourne MovieMatt Damon isn’t starring in the next movie and no one is replacing him as the title character.
  21. the industry
    ‘Arrested Development’ Movie Inches Toward Actual ExistencePlus: Timothy Olyphant joins ‘The Crazies.’