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  1. awards
    We Now Live in a World With Dog Awards ShowsIn fairness, that greyhound from 50/50 really deserves more buzz.
  2. Jason Gann Talks About Australia’s Reaction to the American Wilfred RemakeWhen I spoke to Jason Gann ahead of last week’s trippy first season finale of Wilfred, I wanted to know about how the folks back home regarded […]
  3. chat room
    Wilfred’s Jason Gann on Bringing His Show to America, Elijah Wood’s Appeal, and Writing for an Imaginary Man-Dog“We have what we call ‘Wilfred’s Wilfred’ and ‘Ryan’s Wilfred’ … this show is a lot more complex to write than the Australian version.”
  4. Jason Gann on The ‘Traumedy’ of Wilfred Sure, there might be plenty of bong hits and tennis-ball-fetching, but creator and star of Wilfred Jason Gann wants to make clear that the […]
  5. compare and contrast
    Compare Wilfred to the Australian OriginalIt’s really different.
  6. Wilfred Pilot Episode: ‘Happiness’As far as casting goes, Elijah Wood seems like just the kind of guy to hallucinate a misanthropist talking dog. With his giant, frightened […]
  7. FX Orders Wilfred, a Sitcom about Elijah Wood and His Alcoholic DogFX just ordered 11 episodes of a new comedy called WIlfred, which will star Elijah Wood. It sounds pretty insane! It’ll be “about a guy, Ryan […]
  8. pickup lines
    FX Picks Up Series About Pot-Smoking Dog’Wilfred,’ starring Elijah Wood, gets a thirteen-episode order.