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  1. misconduct
    Showtime Knows How Jason Mitchell’s Character Will Exit The ChiThe actor was dropped from the third season of the series following allegations of onset misconduct.
  2. misconduct
    The Chi Showrunner Says Lena Waithe Knew of Jason Mitchell’s On-Set Misconduct“It was Lena who informed me of the issues between Jason Mitchell and Tiffany Boone.”
  3. misconduct allegations
    Jason Mitchell Dropped From The Chi, Desperados After Misconduct AllegationThe Straight Outta Compton actor was also reportedly let go by his reps at UTA.
  4. movie review
    The Mustang: A Slightly Formulaic Horse Drama With Great Human PerformancesThe phrase “I have to see a man about a horse” takes on new and inspirational meaning here.
  5. close reads
    The Beauty and Brilliance of Forever’s Stand-alone Episode“Andre and Sarah” is proof that streaming shows also need snappy episodic stories.
  6. Jason Mitchell Has a Crazy Story for YouThe star of Superfly on how he made it in Hollywood in only seven months.
  7. Mudbound’s Dee Rees on Writing Racist Jokes and Directing Mary J. Blige“If you’ve ever been at one of her concerts, it’s like a therapy session with 30,000 people.”
  8. Why Was Mudbound Such a Sundance Hit? Hillary Jordan’s 2009 novel takes on a whole new life. 
  9. the industry
    Hot Young Obama Is Going to Meet Eazy-E and the Boyhood KidThey join The Witch’s Anya Taylor-Joy and newcomer Devon Terrell.