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    The Sklar Brothers Are Developing a Comedy Series Set at the U.N.Seth Rogen is attached as an executive producer.
  2. Randy and Jason Sklar’s Audio Documentary ‘Sklars and Stripes’ Is Out Next […]The Sklar Brothers have teamed up with Audible to release a 6-hour audio documentary they made while on the road. Titled Sklars and Stripes, […]
  3. ‘Security Deposit’: Not By Judd Apatow, But CloseThe line between saccharine and sweet is oh-so-thin. Landing on the wrong side means your “funny” project has turned heavy-handed at best, and […]
  4. Talking Shit with the Sklar BrothersThe Sklar Brothers have been talking a lot of shit lately. Literally. The duo are the executive producers of a new documentary about bowel […]
  5. Randy and Jason Sklar Crack Jokes From the Cheap Seats Riffing, heckling, interrupting: whatever you want to call it, making fun of bad movies and TV shows is a time honored tradition shared by […]
  6. Talking with the Sklar Brothers About Their New History Channel Show, […]The Sklar brothers, Randy and Jason, have been the Sklar Brothers for about 20 years, ever since a post-collegiate move to NYC and an embrace […]
  7. The Sklar Brothers Are Not the Smothers BrothersHere’s an interview with comedians and podcasters Randy and Jason Sklar about their latest standup album Hendersons And Daughters, the […]
  8. Jason Sklar on Cheap Seats’ LegacySupercult profiles the obscure, the offbeat, and the feverishly celebrated pieces of comedy which deserve more recognition. From 2004 to 2006, […]