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  1. accurate titles
    The Title of Jason Statham’s Next Film Is Right Up There With Snakes On a PlaneCan’t say you didn’t know what it was about.
  2. justice for han
    Jason Statham’s Reverse Heel Turn Was Always the Fast & Furious PlanFrom day one, Fast & Furious filmmakers said Deckard Shaw wasn’t a villain. So what does that mean for Han?
  3. post-script
    Hobbs & Shaw Leaves No Ryan Reynolds Joke Behind in Its Post-Credits ScenesBut did you stay till the very, very end?
  4. stats
    Who Gets Beat Up More in Hobbs & Shaw: Hobbs or Shaw?We counted every hit, both given and taken by both Hobbs and Shaw, in an attempt to determine who won the movie.
  5. fast and the furious
    Who Is Behind the Mysterious Etheon Voice in Hobbs & Shaw?Our best guesses, ranging from the highly probable to the really, really far-fetched.
  6. large adult sons
    Fast and Furious Confirms Painstaking Efforts to Make Sure No One Loses a FightNo candy-asses allowed.
  7. movie review
    Hobbs & Shaw Is a Refreshing Antidote to Franchise BloatTurns out whittling the bulging series down to two guys who hate each other can be strangely liberating.
  8. family members only
    How to Watch Hobbs & Shaw When You’ve Never Seen a Fast & Furious MovieA quick and dirty guide to the franchise — because we’re family.
  9. trailer mix
    Hobbs & Shaw Trailer: How Swole Can You Go?So many muscles.
  10. movies
    Don’t Worry, They’re Probably Making a Sequel to The MegJust when you thought it was safe to go back into the Marianas Trench in a submarine with Jason Statham …
  11. movie review
    The Meg Is Neither Dumb Nor Smart Enough to Be Any FunThey shoot giant sharks, don’t they?
  12. vulture lists
    Ranking Jason Statham’s Most-Deranged Character NamesEverything from The Pink Panther’s Yves Gluant to The Italian Job’s Handsome Rob.
  13. castings
    Fan Yourself: Idris Elba Joins the Rock, Jason Statham in Fast and Furious MovieThe Fast and the Furious: BDE.
  14. trailer mix
    Jason Statham’s The Meg Trailer: A Bigger Boat Won’t Save You NowWe’re just going to say it: that shark is too large.
  15. infinite franchises
    An Extended Fast and Furious Universe Is Forming Around the Rock, Jason StathamWe’ll finally know how many muscles can fit onscreen at one time.
  16. fight scenes
    No One Ever Loses a Fight in the Fast and the Furious FranchiseWhen the Furious A-listers face off, things have a way of ending in a tie.
  17. jason statham
    Who Is the Ultimate Jason Statham Character?With the return of The Mechanic, we set up a showdown to decide who is the One Statham to Rule Them All.
  18. casting couch
    Shark-Based Action Thriller Meg Gets More Ridiculous, Casts Rainn Wilson Is this real life?
  19. casting couch
    Masi Oka Boards Jason Statham’s Prehistoric Shark Thriller Meg This is a lot to process.
  20. casting couch
    Jessica McNamee and Jason Statham to Star As Humans in Shark Thriller MegA movie of deep-sea terror.
  21. trailer mix
    Mechanic: Resurrection Trailer: Statham’s BackJessica Alba and Tommy Lee Jones, too!
  22. the industry
    Jason Statham to Star in TV Show Viva La MadnessKa-pow!
  23. last night on late night
    Paul Bettany: J. Statham Needs an Acting DoubleNot a stunt double, an acting double.
  24. supercuts
    Yikes — Watch All 264 of Jason Statham’s Movie PunchesIncluding the animated one.
  25. like a dungeon dragon
    Get Ready to Play With Nicki Minaj, Jason Statham in Mobile Video GamesThey’re getting the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood treatment.
  26. cut snl sketches
    Chris Pratt Mocked Jason Statham for SNLPratt can pull off bald.
  27. the industy
    Jason Statham Proves No One Ever Leaves the Fast and Furious FranchiseOwen Shaw will ride again.
  28. party chats
    Mark Ruffalo Thinks He Could Take Jason StathamThe Hulk versus the Transporter: Place your bets.
  29. men
    Jason Statham Thinks Marvel Movies Are for Wimps“It’s all CGI-created. To me, it’s not authentic.”
  30. videology
    Jason Statham Go-Go-Danced in a ’90s Music Video (Yes, He Was Still Bald Then)Good job, internet!
  31. chat room
    Jason Statham on Furious 7, Ditching Transporter“They offered me less money to do three than I’d get paid for one!”
  32. unlikely duos
    The Jason Statham/Melissa McCarthy Spy Movie Is HappeningStatham finally came to his senses.
  33. movie review
    Ebiri: Homefront Doesn’t Let Statham Be StathamAlso starring James Franco and Winona Ryder as Louisiana meth dealers.
  34. casting couch
    Jason Statham Replacing Daniel Craig for Layer Cake SequelBritish actors shooting British guns Britishly.
  35. casting couch
    Jason Statham in Talks to Play Melissa McCarthy’s Straight ManIn Paul Feig’s Susan Cooper.
  36. trailer mix
    Homefront Trailer: Jason Statham vs. James Franco (Wait, What?)And Sylvester Stallone wrote it, which only makes it weirder.
  37. movie review
    Movie Review: Can a Jason Statham Vehicle Like Redemption Have a Soul?Once again, Jason Statham plays someone who can kick your ass. But there’ s more to it.
  38. The 23 Worst Ways to Be Killed by Jason StathamIn which we update one of our favorite features.
  39. cheek by jowl
    Jason Statham vs. Jason the Stat HamOne blows things up — the other breaks things down (statistically).
  40. trailer mix
    Jason Statham Is Back in the Parker TrailerThis time, he wears a cowboy hat.
  41. jason statham
    Watch a Supercut of Jason Statham Driving AngryDon’t rage and drive, kids.
  42. explosions
    Movie Review: Why Isn’t The Expendables 2 More Insane?This sequel is aggressively dumb, aggressively macho, and just plain aggressively aggressive.
  43. casting
    James Franco Joins Jason Statham MovieAnd it’s written by Sylvester Stallone!
  44. most valuable stars
    How Being Big in Japan (or Germany, or Russia … ) Gets a Movie MadeAn inside look into how small studios get international distributors to chip in for a film’s budget because of their countrymen’s love of a star.
  45. most valuable stars
    Nine Discoveries to Be Made by Going Deep Within the Most Valuable Stars ListJason Statham is one of the best-liked stars in Hollywood.
  46. party lines
    Party Lines: Stephen Baldwin at Safe ScreeningWho hasn’t ridden the subway in 25 years?
  47. jason statham
    Watch Jason Statham MovieWhy, what were you expecting?
  48. Brian De Palma to Direct Jason StathamIn a remake of a Burt Reynolds movie.
  49. The 25 Greatest Vulture Slideshows of 2011Nick Offerman rates the cats who look like Ron Swanson! We rate Drake’s many sweaters! All this, a grading of best movie performance by a toilet, and more!
  50. trailer mix
    Safe Trailer: Jason Statham Is a Kick-Ass BabysitterLook out, little girl.
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