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  1. Watch Christina Applegate’s SNL PromosTime flies when you’re … getting old?
  2. ‘SNL’ Promos Feature Christina Applegate and Jason Sudeikis Reviving New […] This week’s SNL host Christina Applegate paired up with cast member Jason Sudeikis to record this series of promos, most of which reference […]
  3. saturday night live
    Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s SNL PromosAnd he is still handsome.
  4. Tiny Man/Ninja Joseph Gordon-Levitt Promos ‘SNL’ “Blooper: You go back in time and audition for the Blue Man Group.” “Pooper: You go back in time and murder Winnie the Pooh.” “Hooper: You […]
  5. Jason Sudeikis Officially Returning to ‘SNL’ (Update: Only Through […]Three ‘SNL’ posts in a row? Sure! Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Jason Sudeikis will be on SNL this season. (UPDATE: Variety  is […]
  6. staying put
    Jason Sudeikis Returning to Saturday Night LiveSomeone has to play Mitt Romney.
  7. paul ryan lookalikes
    Seth Meyers Is Definitely Not Playing Paul Ryan on SNLThat leaves Taran Killam and Bill Hader as the top contenders.
  8. Jason Sudeikis Wants More From ‘SNL’ If He’s Gonna Stay“I’d like the opportunity to use creative muscles that … haven’t been asked of me for the first nine years that I’ve worked there. It could […]
  9. the waiting game
    Jason Sudeikis Mulling Saturday Night Live Title Change“I don’t want my pro years to be my SNL years.”
  10. Is Jason Sudeikis Winking at His Soon to Be Announced ‘SNL’ Departure?The Daily News is reporting that in the latest issue of Men’s Journal Jason Sudeikis has some interesting remarks about SNL: “I’ve left places […]
  11. last night on late night
    Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis Rescued in JamaicaPlus: Aubrey Plaza flaunted her stigmata, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  12. Breaking Down Each Cast Member’s Contribution to ‘SNL’ Season 37Now that we’ve looked at some of the highlights from the past season of SNL, let’s talk about the cast. One thing that often fails to get […]
  13. Jason Sudeikis’s ‘SNL’ Departure Still UncertainNew York Daily News reports that Jason Sudeikis told a group of people at the SNL finale after-after-party “he wasn’t sure about staying or […]
  14. party chat
    Lorne Michaels and Fred Armisen on Kristen Wiig’s Farewell SegmentAnd he says Samberg and Sudeikis aren’t going anywhere.
  15. romantic comedy
    Watch One Guy Impersonate All the White Guys in Romantic ComediesOh wow, that really does sound like Jason Sudeikis.
  16. snl promos
    Watch Will Ferrell’s SNL Promos With Jason SudeikisStuck race!
  17. Delight in Will Ferrell’s ‘SNL’ Promos Well, well, well, Will Ferrell’s SNL promos are finally here. Expectations were high for this Saturday’s episode and these promos confirm that […]
  18. snl promos
    Watch Eli Manning’s Adorable SNL PromosWe’re on Team Wiig, too!
  19. Eli Manning Pumped to Wear a Dress on ‘SNL’Here are this week’s SNL promos. The wardrobe department must be working tirelessly to sew together a dress large enough for that giant QB man […]
  20. Fred Armisen Would Be Happy for Departing SNL Cast-mates ‘if’ They DepartedWho said there were SNL cast-members leaving? Nobody. Not me. Oh wait, I mean, EVERYBODY. There have been rumors all year that certain people […]
  21. SNL Recap: Josh Brolin and the Beginning of the EndCould we be approaching the end of an era? After recent rumors of Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, and Andy Samberg leaving SNL at the end of […]
  22. Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston May Play a Weed Dealer and His Hooker […]We’re the Millers, a comedy about “pot dealer who pulls together a fake wife and two kids to pose as an RV road-tripping family so that he can […]
  23. comings and goings
    SNL History Lesson: Wiig, Sudeikis and Samberg Should Leave After This YearLet’s see when other SNL stars checked out …
  24. rumors
    Will Wiig, Samberg, and Sudeikis Leave SNL?So say sources.
  25. Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis to Leave SNL After This […]Bastion of respectable entertainment journalism Us Magazine is reporting that Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis are all planning to […]
  26. saturday night live
    Watch Sofia Vergara’s SNL PromosMore with the accent, please?
  27. Here Are This Week’s SNL Promos, Featuring Sofia Vergara, Jason Sudeikis, […] So what are the odds that Sofia Vergara will be in a Manuel Ortiz sketch this weekend? 90%? 150%?
  28. Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Will Act Like They’re Awkward in RelanxiousReal life boyfriend and girlfriend Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis will pretend to be shy people with psychological issues instead of gorgeous, […]
  29. castings
    Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis to Co-star in ComedyOne character is agoraphobic, the other is riddled with anxiety.
  30. Jason Sudeikis on Eastbound & Down and Athletic EgosDoes Jason Sudeikis actually make the layup in the opening credits of SNL? Did he throw baseballs with his non-dominant hand throughout the […]
  31. The Full Eastbound & Down Trailer Has Boogie Boarded to Your Screen The full Eastbound & Down trailer might very well rock your nuts off. Look how spiky Jason Sudeikis’ hair is, and how many transportation […]
  32. eastbound and down
    Watch the Trailer for the New Season of Eastbound & DownJet skis! Jason Sudeikis! Kenny f’ing Powers!
  33. saturday night live
    Watch Daniel Radcliffe’s SNL Promos With Jason SudeikisYeah, yeah, yeah, but where’s musical guest Lana Del Rey?
  34. Sex Wizards Daniel Radcliffe and Jason Sudeikis Conjure Up This Week’s SNL Please God and Lorne Michaels (on the off chance that you’re two separate entities), let every sketch Daniel Radcliffe is in on this week’s […]
  35. Not So Fast, People Who Are Excited About Horrible Bosses 2Contrary to rumor, Horrible Bosses 2 hasn’t actually been written yet. “They’ve only pitched it, the writers, and it’s a little bit of […]
  36. party chat
    Jason Sudeikis Hasn’t Signed On to Horrible Bosses 2 Just YetDespite reports last week that the movie was a go, he hasn’t even read the script.
  37. Trade Roundup: Horrible Bosses 2, Paul Rudd, Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson, […]- Horrible Bosses 2 is a thing that is happening. Luckily, it will probably have the original’s writers and directors, and the […]
  38. saturday night live
    A Vulture Study: Which SNL Season Reused the Most Characters?Was it a Stefon year? Or something from the Church Lady or Spartan Cheerleader eras?We examined 36 seasons and 7,798 sketches to find out.
  39. clickables
    Watch Charlie Day’s SNL Promos With Jason SudeikisIt’s always sunny in 30 Rock, apparently.
  40. Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis Love The Things They Did In SNL Promos This week’s SNL promos feature Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis complimenting each other on their starring roles in this summer’s Horrible […]
  41. The Lost Weekend Update AnchorsWeekend Update is by far the longest running segment in Saturday Night Live’s history, with the anchor position being one of the most coveted […]
  42. Jason Sudeikis Piles Onto Dog FightWhile sadly this movie is not about Jason Sudeikis, Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis rolling around in a big pile of pitbulls, Dogfight does […]
  43. Netflix Makes The Inevitable Change To Nutflicks In Unaired SNL Sketch On one hand, as this cut-for-time SNL Netflix sketch points out, the company’s recent price change/Qwikster debacle seems like real pain in […]
  44. Russian A Good Old Fashioned Orgy Poster Should Be the New American FlagYou know when you hear or see something painfully patriotic, like Beyonce’s “Proud To Be An American” cover for example, and you resist its […]
  45. Jason Sudeikis and Tyler Labine Play Some Kiss Chicken Here’s a clip from the upcoming A Good Old Fashioned Orgy in which Jason Sudeikis and Tyler Labine play a healthy game of kiss chicken, each […]
  46. clickables
    Watch Jason Sudeikis Play Kiss Chicken With Another ManIn his new movie, ‘A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy.’
  47. trailer mix
    Good Old Fashioned Orgy Trailer: Jason Sudeikis Still Hopes to Get LuckyThe ‘SNL’ vet again plays a horny Everyman.
  48. A Good Old Fashioned Orgy Trailer Keeps It Real About Orgies In addition to looking like a super-sloppy good time, the A Good Old Fashioned Orgy trailer effectively conveys the film’s appropriate level […]
  49. movie review
    The Cast of Horrible Bosses Works Hard for the MoneyLogan Hill on ‘Bosses.’
  50. Horrible Bosses Review Round-Up: Like 9-To-5, But With Even More Golden […]Adam, don’t read this post! Okay,  guys, just let me know if anyone wants to go see Horrible Bosses with me; I’m hoping it’ll have some good […]
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