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Jaume Collet Serra

  1. bird buddies
    The Breakout Movie Star of the Summer Is the Seagull From The Shallows“He was kind of like the Marlon Brando of seagulls.”
  2. deals
    Here There Be Monsters Snagging Collet-Serra; Bradley Cooper to Be Offered LeadWe’re talking John Paul Jones, and not the Led Zeppelin kind.
  3. the industry
    Russell Crowe in Talks to Join the Dracula Tale HarkerIt’s told from the point of view of the Count’s lawyer, who is now a Scotland Yard detective tracking Dracula.
  4. movie review
    Movie Review: Another Thrill Ride for Liam Neeson in UnknownThe movie is lean and fast and endlessly upending, and unlike most modern crash-and-bash films, you can actually follow the car chases and fisticuffs.