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  1. chat room
    Jean-Claude Van Damme Is Ready to Get SeriousThe actor on playing himself in a new Amazon show, doing the splits, and his eight dogs.
  2. jcvd
    Jean-Claude Van Damme Would Have Taken The Expendables in a Different Direction“He told me, you should be trying to save people in South Central.”
  3. chat room
    ‘JCVD’ Star Jean-Claude Van Damme on Life, Acting, and Everything Else’The story becomes you. And then suddenly you don’t follow the script anymore… You’re living the film. You start improvising. I never saw De Niro following a script.’
  4. the industry
    Nicolas Cage to ‘Kick’ McLovin’s ‘Ass’Plus: The best movie of the year gets a distributor. It stars Jean-Claude Van Damme.
  5. apropos of nothing
    Does 2008’s Best Movie Star Jean-Claude Van Damme?Maybe it does!