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  1. jealousy
    How Dare Billy Get to Date John Cho on Difficult PeopleCho will recur in the Hulu series’ third season as Billy’s boyfriend.
  2. aww friends
    Tina Fey Knows What the New ‘Mom Jeans’ Would BeIn her Glamour interview with Amy Poehler.
  3. Standup Andy Sandford Explains ‘What Jealousy and Bitterness Can Do for […]New York-based standup Andy Sandford wrote a blog post today called “What Jealousy And Bitterness Can Do For Your Comedy Career,” extolling the […]
  4. mad money
    Junot Díaz Is Among This Year’s MacArthur Fellowship WinnersThat’s $500,000 big ones to keep him writing.
  5. jealousy
    Michael Jackson’s Surprise Motivation for the This Is It Tour: One-Upping Prince!“If I’m not there to receive these ideas, God might give them to Prince.”