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  1. last night on late night
    Steve Harrington, Jean-Ralphio Face PaternityFathers and sons, actors and other actors.
  2. Watch the Producer’s Cut of the ‘Parks and Recreation’ Series FinaleIn case Tuesday night’s Parks and Recreation series finale didn’t give you enough closure, NBC uploaded the full 53-minute producer’s cut that […]
  3. chat room
    Ben Schwartz on His New Indie and Jean-RalphioParks and Recreation will also be leaving you soon.
  4. Ben Schwartz Explains How His Haircut Led to a Role on ‘Parks and Rec’“Prior to that, my hair was crazy. I’d been working with Mitch Hurwitz on a pilot, and I mentioned needing to get a haircut. But he’s like, […]
  5. Henry Winkler Will Play Jean-Ralphio’s Dad on ‘Parks and Rec’It looks like we’ll be meeting more of Jean-Ralphio’s family next season on Parks and Recreation. THR reports that living TV legend Henry […]
  6. Jenny Slate Will Play Jean-Ralphio’s Twin Sister on ‘Parks and Rec’ Everyone’s favorite Pawnee sleazebag Jean-Ralphio apparently has a twin sister, and she’ll be appearing in a future episode of Parks and […]
  7. casting couch
    Jean-Ralphio Will Return to Parks and RecCause he’s fluh-hushhh with cash.
  8. Jean-Ralphio Will Return to Help Tom with a ‘Legitimate Business’Everyone’s favorite awful person Jean-Ralphio Saperstein will back on Parks and Recreation next season for at least one episode. Mike Schur […]
  9. the amazing spider-man
    See Parks and Rec’s Jean-Ralphio As the Amazing Spider-ManAndrew Gar-who?
  10. Ben Schwartz Doesn’t Lick Girls’ Necks in Real LifeHere’s a nice long interview with Ben Schwartz about House of Lies and whether he would ever use Jean-Ralphio’s flirting techniques in real […]
  11. Let Jean-Ralphio Teach You How to Live Your Best LifeIt’s a little weird that Parks & Rec’s Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz) isn’t on the cover of GQ’s every issue, considering the obvious fact that he […]
  12. Talking to Ben Schwartz About Jean-Ralphio, Soapdish, and Driving a Rented […]Imagine it’s 1991 all over again, and you’ve just been cast as the voice of the soon-to-be-fan-favorite Hans Moleman on The Simpsons, your […]