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Jeff Bezos

  1. quel scandale
    The Book Publishing Scandals of Early February: Holy HellJill Abramson, Dan “tumor” Mallory, Bezos’s “picks,” YA troubles — and it’s only the 8th.
  2. harvey weinstein
    Rose McGowan Says Harvey Weinstein Raped Her, Finally Throwing Away the NDAMcGowan says a show she was working on for Amazon Studios was killed after she told the studio about her assault. Weinstein denies the allegation.
  3. intergalactic casting couch
    Jeff Bezos Has a Role in Star Trek BeyondChris Pine was very confused.
  4. amazon prime
    The Top Gear Trio Is Getting Friends Money“They’re worth a lot and they know it.”
  5. amazon prime
    Amazon Buries the Hatchet (Not Hachette)The online retailer and the publishing company have finally made a deal. But what were the terms?
  6. book club
    James Patterson Calls Out Amazon at Book ExpoThe author calls out Jeff Bezos’s empire and gets a standing ovation.