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Jeff Gaspin

  1. the industry
    Jeff Gaspin Announces Exit From NBC“I leave NBC Universal with an obvious sense of sadness and loss.”
  2. the industry
    Jeff Gaspin Out at NBC?One report says he’s following Jeff Zucker out the door.
  3. notable quotables
    The Best Quotes From Behind-the-Scenes of the Conan-Leno War“I just think Jay’s going to hurt me in some way.” —Conan.
  4. upfronts 2010
    Reviewing the NBC Upfront PresentationWould you trust the people responsible for ‘Bionic Woman’?
  5. number crunching
    NBC Finally Realizes You Get What You Pay For, Agrees to Pay MoreFor shows from J.J. Abrams and Jerry Bruckheimer.
  6. zuckered
    Comcast CEO Has No Plans to Move NBC to Cable (for Now)It also appears that Jeff Zucker’s job is safe (for now).
  7. late shifting
    NBC Brass Never Anticipated Conan Getting So Darn Upset“I probably underestimated the emotion of everything that went on.”
  8. late shifting
    Conan Won’t Do the Tonight Show After JayWow!
  9. tv deathwatch
    NBC Effectively Cancels TraumaNBC didn’t order any additional episodes of the show beyond the thirteen they had initially committed to.
  10. talkshowpocalypse
    Jay’s Move to Prime Time: Disaster or Calamity?We’re going with calamity.
  11. silvermania
    Ben Silverman: 23 Percent More Successful Than Jeff Gaspin!Bring back Silverman! Bring back Silverman!
  12. tv
    So, Did CSI: Miami End Up Beating Jay Leno by ‘a Lot’?In a word, yes.
  13. jeff gaspin
    Meet Ben Silverman’s Boring SuccessorA family! Profits! No white tigers!