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Jeffrey Dahmer

  1. casting call
    Evan Peters Will Prowl Around As Jeffrey DahmerIn a new series from Ryan Murphy.
  2. netflix
    Ryan Murphy’s New Series to Examine Law Enforcement and Jeffrey DahmerTold from the perspective of his victims, Monster will explore the police incompetence that enabled the serial killer.
  3. how to
    Ross Lynch’s 9-Step Progression From Disney Star to Playing Jeffrey DahmerLast year, he was playing a teen heartthrob; on November 3, he stars in the biopic My Friend Dahmer.
  4. trailer mix
    My Friend Dahmer Trailer: We Need to Talk About JeffreyThe account of the serial killer’s teen years is based on the titular graphic novel by author and Dahmer classmate Derf Backderf.
  5. sequential art
    My Friend Dahmer Author on the Boy Behind the Killer and the Movie AdaptationDerf Backderf’s comic memoir has been turned into a film that’s debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival.