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Jeffrey Eugenides

  1. adaptations
    Middlesex Series to Be Directed by 50 Shades of Grey’s Sam Taylor-JohnsonThe book by Jeffrey Eugenides won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.
  2. reconsideration
    25 Years Ago The Virgin Suicides Kicked Off Our Obsession With Teenage Tragedy.Jeffrey Eugenides’s haunting, faux-nostalgic 1993 novel changed the way we consume adolescence in pop culture.
  3. Fresh Complaint: Jeffrey Eugenides’s Short-Story SidelineThe book is most interesting for the view it affords us of Eugenides absorbing various formal and topical trends.
  4. chat room
    Jeffrey Eugenides: There’s a Crisis of Masculinity in Fiction Right Now“We’re at a state now where men are trying to figure out what part of them is to be disowned or changed.”
  5. adaptations
    Superbad Director May Adapt The Marriage PlotGreg Mottola, meet Jeffrey Eugenides.
  6. Jeffrey Eugenides Says Any David Foster Wallace Similarities in His New Novel Are Totally CoincidentalWe remain skeptical.
  7. crime
    Jeffrey Eugenides Got Punched by a Drunk Guy Singing a Penis SongOn the train, naturally.
  8. big shadows
    There’s a David Foster Wallace Character in Jeffrey Eugenides’ New NovelMeet Leonard Bankhead, a brilliant young man who wears bandannas, dips tobacco, and has a history of hospitalizations.
  9. books
    The Ten Hottest Prospects From This Year’s Book ExpoNew works by Jeffrey Eugenides and Ann Patchett were among the novels and nonfiction that walked away with the most buzz.
  10. clickables
    Read the First Paragraph of Jeffrey Eugenides’s The Marriage PlotSo far, it appears to be a book about other books.
  11. the industry
    At Last, a View-Master MoviePlus: HBO adapting ‘Middlesex’!
  12. the industry
    Steven Soderbergh and Brad Pitt Take Themselves Out to the Ball GamePlus: Jason Bateman switches semen!
  13. last night’s gig
    ‘New Yorker’ Fiction Pages Ripped at Moore-Eugenides TalkThe New Yorker’s allotment this year of a one-word theme for each of its writers’ panels seemed a little arbitrary Saturday night.
  14. the industry
    All Those Nuts You Sent to CBS Paid Off: ‘Jericho’ Might Return