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  1. two friends
    Jen Kirkman and Sara Schaefer Want You to Pick the Right NXIVM DocumentaryThe Vow is not telling you the whole story.”
  2. Before ‘Rick and Morty,’ Dan Harmon Tried to Reinvent Acceptable […]The idea of entertainment as an entity separate from the internet is one that is for the most part dead. Every movie must have social media […]
  3. The First Recorded Episode of ‘The Dead Authors Podcast’ Offers a […]Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. The Dead Authors Podcast ended its […]
  4. The 10 Best Stand-up Comedy Specials of 2017Including Roy Wood Jr., Jerrod Carmichael, Maria Bamford, and Jen Kirkman.
  5. sexual harassment and assault
    Jen Kirkman Is ‘Jealous’ of Certain Male Sexual Harassers“I’m gonna say something fucked up, because it’s a little fucked up.”
  6. controversies
    Jen Kirkman Clarifies That Louis C.K. Didn’t Harass Her“There are rumors out there that Louis takes his dick out at women. He has never done that to me.”
  7. best of 2017 so far
    The Best Stand-up Comedy Specials of 2017 (So Far)Jerrod Carmichael, Dave Chappelle, Norm Macdonald, Sarah Silverman, and more.
  8. chat room
    Jen Kirkman Turned Catcalling Into One of the Best Street Harassment Jokes EverOn a new episode of Vulture’s Good One podcast, Jen Kirkman discusses her new special’s closer.
  9. Jen Kirkman: Comedy’s Matthew McConaughey After doing comedy in Boston for a year, Jen Kirkman made the move to New York City, where from 1998 to 2002 she performed anywhere she could […]
  10. Jen Kirkman Stays True to Herself Beyond being a standup and podcaster, Jen Kirkman is a bestselling author too. The Drunk History regular recently released her sophomore […]
  11. Jen Kirkman on Accepting Career Opportunities and Life’s ChangesYou may know Jen Kirkman as a standup comedian, as a writer and panelist on Chelsea Lately or from drinking wine and retelling historical […]
  12. Jen Kirkman Is Developing a New Comedy for FX as a Starring Vehicle for […]Jen Kirkman is working on a new show for FX. The LA-based standup and Chelsea Lately regular has sold the network a script for a new comedy […]
  13. Jen Kirkman Has a Podcast NowComedian and author Jen Kirkman launched her own podcast this week. Called I Seem Fun: The Diary of Jen Kirkman Podcast, the show features […]
  14. Watch Jen Kirkman Do Stand-Up on ‘Conan’ Here’s Jen Kirkman doing her second-ever stand-up set on Conan last night and finally giving married people the intervention they deserve.
  15. Jen Kirkman Makes Her ‘Tonight Show’ Debut Comedian and author Jen Kirkman made her Tonight Show debut last night and wound up sharing her awesome fear of flying story for the 2% of Jay […]
  16. Talking to Jen Kirkman About Stand-Up, Misogyny on Twitter, and Her New […]Jen Kirkman isn’t asking you to agree with her decision to not have kids. Just quit grilling her about it. That’s the main point she’s trying […]
  17. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: ‘I Can Barely Take Care of Myself’ by Jen […]A lot of people ask stand-up comedian Jen Kirkman about when she’s going to have a baby, even though she doesn’t have any interest in doing so. […]
  18. Read 30 Pages of Jen Kirkman’s New Book ‘I Can Barely Take Care of Myself’ […]Simon & Schuster has just uploaded a nice 30-page sneak preview of Jen Kirkman’s upcoming book about living child-free, I Can Barely Take Care […]
  19. Jen Kirkman Is Taking a Twitter Hiatus to Get Men to Stand Up for Female […]Comedian and writer Jen Kirkman is taking a stand against gross Twitter misogynists by boycotting the social networking site, she announced […]
  20. Jen Kirkman Nearly Got Killed by an Unruly Mob of Long Islanders for a […] The AV Club’s Stand Down series, in which comedians tell stories of performances gone horribly awry which are then animated, is really great. […]
  21. Marc Maron Was on ‘Chelsea Lately’, Which Is A Funny Place for Marc Maron […] Marc is a great comedian but you don’t really think of him as the type of comedian who sasses it up with Chelsea Handler. Yet, look at him go! […]
  22. Judd Apatow Interviewed on The Sound of Young AmericaThis week’s episode of The Sound of Young America has an excellent interview with Judd Apatow paired with two pieces by SNL writer Simon Rich […]