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  1. corpses
    J.Law Discusses Who Would Help Her Hide a BodyHer “go-to body-hider.”
  2. best friends forever
    J.Law Plans Fantastic Life With Amy Schumer“We’re going to grow old and crazy together.”
  3. last night on late night
    J.Law Had an Existential Crisis After Oscar WinWhat does it all mean?”
  4. jennifer lawrence
    Jennifer Lawrence Doesn’t Like New Year’s EvePlus, she barfs everywhere.
  5. celebrity friendships
    Jennifer Lawrence’s BFF Discusses Amy SchumerShe was not happy about those Jet Ski photos.
  6. watch what happens live
    J.Law Confesses to Kissing Liam IRL on WWHLShe also smoked up before at least one Oscars, as you do.
  7. vulture quiz
    Who Said It? Vulture’s Week-in-Quotes QuizWere you paying attention?
  8. best friends forever
    Jennifer Lawrence on Amy Schumer’s Globe Odds“She’s the Avatar.”
  9. floetry
    Lindsay Lohan’s Guide to Feuding With Celebrities Through Maya Angelou Poems“Still I rise … unless I have to be on set.”
  10. missed connections
    Jennifer Lawrence Almost Asked Out Seth Meyers“Cheers to my humiliation!”
  11. last night on late night
    J.Law Talks About Her Sex Scene With Chris Pratt“Are you gonna hump me once? Are you gonna be on top?”
  12. last night on late night
    J. Law Talks Being Relatable, Her Accent, PukeEverybody pukes.
  13. thanks but no thanks
    Jennifer Lawrence Says No to Hunger Games Sequel“I wouldn’t be involved.”
  14. J.Law and Amy Schumer to Match at the GlobesHow rude of them not to let us in on this.
  15. the young and the o. russell
    David O. Russell Loves Soap ActorsHe loves a good catfight.
  16. oscars
    Will Joy’s Mixed Reviews Hurt Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar Chances?Let’s break down all the categories the film could compete in.
  17. trailer mix
    New Joy TV Spot: Jennifer Lawrence Still Lives With Her ParentsFrom David O. Russell’s forthcoming biopic.
  18. feminism
    Carey Mulligan on Sexism, Feminism, Pay Gaps, and Jennifer LawrenceDon’t expect Carey Mulligan to appear in a Marvel movie anytime soon.
  19. chris pratt
    Jennifer Lawrence Has Delightful Ways of Describing Chris PrattTwo super-likable people continue to be likable.
  20. director's chair
    Jennifer Lawrence to Direct, Fall Out of a Director’s Chair, ProbablyHollywood, she’d better get paid as much as a male actor turned director.
  21. Jennifer Lawrence Recalls Her Best 2015 MemoryAnd the backstory behind it.
  22. box office
    Final Hunger Games Destroys the Box OfficeJ.Law shook, stirred, and ultimately killed Spectre with a $100 million opening.
  23. last night on late night
    J.Law Dislocated Her Toe Because She Loves SleepThe Slumber Games.
  24. party chat
    How J.Law Recorded Another Song on Hunger Games“I coaxed her to sing another song.”
  25. last night on late night
    Jennifer Lawrence’s Most Embarrassing MomentsLike that time she thought this nice lady was Elizabeth Taylor.
  26. last night on late night
    Jennifer Lawrence and Fallon Dance WeirdAlso, for the love of God, make sure to check the door.
  27. hunger games
    J.Law Not Seen in Israeli Hunger Games PostersIsraeli movie posters don’t feature women, but of course men and fiery crowns are fine.
  28. awkward sex scenes
    J.Law Was Nervous Before Chris Pratt Sex Scene“It’s just a bizarre experience.”
  29. celebrity friendships
    Amy Schumer ‘Needs’ Her Friendship With J. LawIt’s a love story, baby, just say yes.
  30. red carpets
    Hunger Games Cast Wore France Pins to PremiereTrès chic.
  31. most valuable stars 2015
    The 100 Most Delightful Things Jennifer Lawrence Has Ever DoneGetting it down to just 100 on Vulture’s Most Valuable Star was actually kind of tough.
  32. most valuable stars 2015
    How Vulture Ranked Its 2015 Most Valuable Stars ListHere’s why Jennifer Lawrence continued her reign.
  33. vulture remix
    Watch The Hunger Games Become a ’90s Action MoviePrime yourself for Mockingjay — Part 2 with our latest Vulture Remix.
  34. what a perfect day
    Diane Sawyer Got to Have Your Dream Day With Jennifer LawrenceBarbecue! Archery! Talking about the wage gap!
  35. jennifer lawrence
    David O. Russell Calls Jennifer Lawrence ‘Him’“But he really respects and understands women.”
  36. trippin'
    Jennifer Lawrence Falls on Madrid Red CarpetA most dangerous brand.
  37. the industry
    Why Lawrence Dropped Out of The Rosie ProjectThe actress left Sony’s The Rosie Project during a tough battle over her salary.
  38. jammies
    The Hunger Games Cast Wore Pajamas to PremiereAww!
  39. J.Law Accidentally Kissed Natalie Dormer“We just kissed on camera … and I liked it.”
  40. jennifer lawrence is real
    Jennifer Lawrence Will Play the Hot Mess in Her Movie With Amy SchumerNo boys allowed!
  41. friend thirst
    Amy Adams Wants to be Schumer & J.Law’s FriendDoesn’t Amy Adams know she’s already the definition of a Cool Rider?
  42. wage gap
    Cooper to Team Up Negotiations With Female StarsBecause agents don’t care.
  43. hollywood shuffle
    J.Law, Linklater Both Drop Out of Rosie ProjectWhat will it be? Probably good. But maybe not!
  44. celebrity friendships
    J.Law and Schumer Got Silly With Pratt and AzizSuper best friends!
  45. candy
    This Video Really Is Peak Jennifer LawrenceCan you guess how many marshmallows she can fit in her mouth at one time?
  46. friendship
    Lawrence and Schumer Dance at Billy Joel ConcertThese two.
  47. about time
    Finally, Jennifer Lawrence Is Doing a ComedyThe movie she’s writing with Amy Schumer is a long-overdue moment for the Oscar winner.
  48. blonde ambition
    Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Are Writing a Movie Together (Finally!)It was fate.
  49. Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence Are Writing and Starring in a Movie […]Say hello to the newest comedy duo: Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence. According to The New York Times, Schumer and Lawrence have teamed up to […]
  50. paydays
    J.Law, ScarJo Top Forbes List of Highest-Paid Film Actresses of 2015Look at J.Law, just crushing it.
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