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  1. this! is! a clip!
    Alex Trebek Has the Time of His Life Taunting These Jeopardy! Football NoobsDammit Trebek!
  2. will the real jack white please stand up
    Your Mom Was on Jeopardy! Last Night Confusing Jack White and Eminem AgainPoor Julie had a clue and still had no clue.
  3. alex trebek
    Jeopardy! Pauses Production While Host Alex Trebek Recovers From Brain SurgeryTrebek reports that the brain surgery went well and he expects to be taping new episodes “very, very soon.”
  4. this! is! jeopardy!
    Jeopardy Deducts Prize for Saying ‘Gangster’ Not ‘Gangsta’ to Prove They Are GsHere’s how a one-syllable mispronunciation cost a contestant $3,200.
  5. Jeopardy! Tournament Winner Buzzy Cohen on His ‘Polarizing’ Reception“I don’t mind if people are hate-watching.”
  6. game shows
    The Best Austin Rogers Moments From Jeopardy!’s Tournament of ChampionsYou know you missed those pantomimes.
  7. vulture lists
    The Most Delightful Austin Rogers GIFs From His Astounding Jeopardy! RunDance moves, pantomimes, and celebratory arm swings galore.
  8. Jeopardy! Fan Favorite Austin Rogers on His Newfound Fame and Alex Trebek“It’s not a hearing at the Hague. It’s a game show meant to entertain. So why not have fun?”
  9. odes
    How Austin Rogers Upset the Natural Order on Jeopardy!He is precisely the sort of person who is not supposed to win.
  10. game shows
    How the Jeopardy! Writers Room Comes Up With All of Those QuestionsYes, Alex Trebek reads them all ahead of time.
  11. stay woke
    Alex Trebek Introduced a “Stay Woke” Category on Jeopardy!Unfortunately, it just turned out to be a bad pun.
  12. winners
    Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Harvey Among 2017 Daytime Emmy WinnersParks and Recreation star Jim O’Heir took home an award for his role on The Bold and the Beautiful.
  13. Alex Trebek Has a Gift for Rapping — Here’s the ProofVIDEO: The proof is in the pudding, as they say.
  14. cool answer for $100 alex
    College Champion Lives Your Wildest Dreams With Joke ‘Final Jeopardy’ AnswerLong live “spiciest memelord.”
  15. Alex Trebek Raps to Drake, Kanye, Lil Wayne, and Kendrick Lamar on Jeopardy!For $200 imaginary dollars: What is pure joy?
  16. in memoriam
    Alex Trebek Honors Cindy Stowell on Jeopardy!She had a six-day winning streak.
  17. bittersweet things
    Jeopardy! Contestant Donated Money Before DeathCindy Stowell died on December 5.
  18. categories
    The Foo Fighters Were a Whole Jeopardy! Category Last NightOur heroes.
  19. this! is! jeopardy!
    Jeopardy! Features Prince, A$AP Rocky, Questlove in QuestionsC’mon, can Quest remix the theme song?
  20. this! is! jeopardy!
    Louis C.K. Wins $50,000 on Jeopardy!, Is GreatHis winnings go to the Fistula Foundation.
  21. this! is! jeopardy!
    Here’s What You Missed on Jonathan Franzen’s Jeopardy! AppearanceSuch a charmer.
  22. quotable notables
    Louis C.K., Jonathan Franzen to Be on JeopardyAlso Melissa Harris-Perry, Anderson Cooper, and Al Franken.
  23. sad news
    Jeopardy! No Longer Accepting Canadian Contestants, Eh?What is injustice, Alex?
  24. hamilton
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Sang Hamilton Q’s on JeopardyFinally, a category you know the answers to.
  25. flower power
    Jeopardy Contestant Called Liberals ‘Pansies’Oh my god, Becky.
  26. Matt Jackson Is Killing Everyone on JeopardyIf it has been a while since you’ve tuned into the game show, these next episodes would be a good time to reacquaint yourself.
  27. emmys 2015
    John Oliver on the One Show That Will Never DieEverything dies. Except one show.
  28. candy
    Lady Answers Final Jeopardy With ‘Turd Ferguson’Burt would be proud.
  29. beyonce
    Beyoncé Got Her Own Jeopardy! Category Because She’s BeyoncéDuh.
  30. postmortem
    Julia Collins on Her Impressive Jeopardy! Run“I don’t really have a ton of things to say to the Twitter universe.”
  31. trivial matters
    What’s Behind the Unprecedented Run of Female Jeopardy! Winners?Julia Collins has racked up 18 straight victories, the third longest streak ever.
  32. Alex Trebek Gets Revenge on Conan and His Selective EditingJeopardy’s Alex Trebek has had enough of Conan O’Brien editing together different Jeopardy clips to make him look like an insane fool, so he […]
  33. this! is! jeopardy!
    Jeopardy! Addressed the GIF-Pronunciation WarsTrebek said it with a soft G.
  34. Video: Alex Trebek’s New MustachesIt was an entire category on Jeopardy! last night.
  35. The Complete Guide to Everything: Grand Theft Auto VThis week we’re talking about the video game that has already made literally $1 billion dollars: Grand Theft Auto V! As you might expect, Tom […]
  36. emanciptation proclamation
    Watch This Unfortunate Final Jeopardy! Loss“Emanciptation Proclamation” :(
  37. The Complete Guide to Everything: Binge WatchingThis week, in honor of the premiere of the new season of Arrested Development, we discuss the new way of watching television (according to […]
  38. this! is! jeopardy!
    Watch Jeopardy! Get All SexyWhat is the best category ever, Alex?
  39. changing of the guard
    Matt Lauer Could Maybe Replace Alex Trebek on Jeopardy!Make it a true daily double.
  40. burn notice
    See the Time Jeopardy Dissed Taylor SwiftWhat is a pretty good burn for a syndicated TV game show? 
  41. clickables
    Play Jeopardy!: The ‘Call Me Maybe’ EditionYeah, they went there.
  42. jeopardy!
    Watch Alex Trebek Get Called InsensitiveC’mon, dude. It’s her goat. C’mon.
  43. hospitalizations
    Alex Trebek Recovering From Heart AttackThe 71-year-old host is expected back at Jeopardy! in July.
  44. kudos
    Homeland, Portlandia, Game of Thrones Win Peabody AwardsJeopardy! also.
  45. arrested development
    Watch Alex Trebek Mispronounce ‘Tobias Funke’ on Jeopardy!He probably doesn’t own a television.
  46. jeopardy!
    Watch a Jeopardy! Contestant Give Alex Trebek LipIn Trebek’s defense, it was a pretty simple question.
  47. jeopardy!
    See a Jeopardy! Contestant Reference a Taboo Sex ActAlex Trebek, you scallywag, you!
  48. Watch Vulture’s Top 30 Clickables of 2011Our favorite viral videos and pics, from a shirtless Community cast to a hapless jet pack operator to the world’s cutest and tiniest Kid Cudi fan.
  49. jeopardy!
    Watch a Guy Kill It on Jeopardy!Roger Craig was faced with back-to-back Daily Doubles on Jeopardy!, and he simply slaughters it.
  50. alex trebek
    See Alex Trebek in a Bunch of CostumesAlex Trebek went nuts backstage at the opera.
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