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  1. humor writing
    Don’t Be a Jerk to Your Online Humor EditorThe editor of McSweeney’s shares some helpful tips about rejection.
  2. An Open Letter to the Jerk at This Week’s Savages ShowJust … don’t.
  3. Our Son, The Asshole, by Noell Wolfgram EvansMy wife’s hand found its way to mine; in the corner of the overly lit room our five-year old son was blissfully unaware of cruel trick the […]
  4. ‘The New Normal’ Finds a Utah HomeLast week KSL-TV, a Utah NBC affiliate, refused to air The New Normal because of all its frightening gay characters. (What with their loving […]
  5. jerks
    The Fall’s Mark E. Smith Keeps Rock Curmudgeonliness Alive“We were playing a festival in Dublin the other week. There was this other group like, warming up in the next sort of chalet, and they were terrible. I said ‘shut them cunts up.’”
  6. the bachelorette
    The Bachelorette Gets Rejected, For OnceAli gets rejected by Frank. Boom!
  7. little monsters
    Lady Gaga Versus the Westboro Baptist ChurchAhh! Real monsters tried to mess with the little monsters.
  8. jerks
    Snooki Sucker-Puncher in Search of a New JobBrad Ferro, 24, is about to be fired.
  9. lame?
    Tonight Lego Is Gonna Prohibit the Use of Its Product in a DVD TonightThe cruel masters at Lego have denied Spinal Tap permission to use video of their figures on an upcoming DVD, just because of a joke about statutory rape.
  10. jerks
    Lead Singer of Sloan Injured in Hit-and-Run AccidentFortunately, Chris Murphy is expected to make a full recovery.
  11. jerks
    Benicio Del Toro’s Somewhere Cameo Spoiled by Pop BandIn a blog post, Rooney unwittingly revealed a heretofore-unannounced appearance by Del Toro in Sofia Coppola’s new movie.
  12. google
    World’s Richest Internet Company Not Wasting Money on ArtSome illustrators are bristling over a request from Google to provide artwork free of charge for the company’s upcoming web browser. But others said yes!
  13. jerks
    Brooklyn Man Bogarts Sufjan Stevens SongWant to hear it? You’ll have to go to his apartment.
  14. jerks
    Monster SpeaksSays Chris Brown: “All the blog sites are liars.”
  15. jerks
    Marvel Announces 2008 EarningsThey could probably pay Mickey Rourke more than $250,000 for ‘Iron Man 2.’
  16. jerks
    David Fincher Just Going Around Smacking PeopleThe director ‘hit [former Paramount chief John] Goldwyn in the chest with his hand and hurt him and said, ‘That’s for you, for not greenlighting the movie when you had a chance.’
  17. the best part
    Hollywood Comes to Grips With the iPhoneThe best line from today’s Variety piece revealing that many Hollywood types, flush with techno-envy, may buy iPhones despite the fact that they aren’t compatible with company e-mail systems: