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  1. Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Explained to Passersby in the NYC SubwayJerry corrected the record on the “mad genius” aspect of Van Gogh’s … actual genius.
  2. Picasso’s Guernica, Explained by Jerry Saltz to Passersby in the NYC SubwayThere was even a musical interpretation!
  3. Jerry Saltz Put Michelangelo’s David in an NYC Subway — Here’s What HappenedSome New Yorkers were amused — others, not so much.
  4. art school
    Try Copying Your Favorite Master Artwork and See What You LearnMiming Matisse. Parroting Picasso. Hocking Hockney.
  5. how to
    How to Be an Artist? Start by Drawing the Square in Front of You.Hundreds of Jerry’s followers tried the assignment. Here are nine of their works.
  6. auctions
    An Artwork Made by Artificial Intelligence Just Sold for $400,000The painting fetched 40 times its estimate. Why?
  7. art world
    How Does the Art World Live With Itself? I Live and Breathe It and I’m Not Sure.I used to think the art world was at war with money, and vice versa. I’m starting to think we’re in a new equilibrium, defined by ambivalence.
  8. art
    David Wojnarowicz’s Whitney Retrospective Is Overdue, But Couldn’t Be TimelierThis is an astonishingly relevant, urgently important show that reflects on what it means to be human in a time of encroaching political darkness.
  9. Why Is the Met’s New Show About the Body in Art History So Stultifying and Dull?This is what happens with an excess of hyperrealism.
  10. art
    Huma Bhabha’s New Installation at the Met Brings You Into the Realm of GodsThis is among the best Met roof sculpture installations since the program began in 1987.
  11. Jerry Saltz: Break the Art FairAs a system, art fairs are like America: They don’t work and no one knows how to fix them.
  12. art review
    Three-Sentence Reviews: John Bradford, David Hockney, and 11 More ShowsIncluding the new home of White Columns.
  13. art review
    Losing Myself in the Paintings of Facebook-Educated Matthew WongAn impressive painter’s debut show at Karma gallery.
  14. Jerry Saltz, New York Magazine Art Critic, Wins Pulitzer PrizeOur irrepressible, one-of-a-kind critic gets the big prize.
  15. art review
    Cy Twombly and the Transporting Power of Art That Barely Uses the Tools of ArtScribbles, jots, smears, and smudges that make my knees buckle.
  16. Trump’s Border Wall Prototypes Are Minimalist ArtThe walls look “exactly like a national monument, and perfect minimalist sculpture.”
  17. 11,000 People Demanded the Met Remove This Painting. They Aren’t Going To. Good.In many ways it is a sign of art’s complexity that it generate a wide variety of responses.
  18. Michelangelo Exploded Art History, Just With His DrawingThe Metropolitan Museum’s new show is a stupendous metaphysical-visual exhalation.
  19. We Can Now Divide Art History Into Before Linda Nochlin and AfterThe late critic’s 1971 essay blew through the gates of art-world patriarchy.
  20. art
    Radical in Content, Retrograde in Form: What Should We Make of ‘Trigger’?I wish I didn’t feel as conflicted as I do about this show that surveys “gender beyond the binary.”
  21. art review
    The Fearless Chris Ofili Enters His Own Personal Paradise LostThe four paintings are hung behind a cage of cyclone fencing.
  22. Three-Sentence Reviews: Peter Saul, Trevor Paglen, and 7 MoreThank God for Peter Saul.
  23. Jerry Saltz: I Give In, MoMA. You’ve Won Me Over. (Halfway, Anyway.)MoMA has been this broken spatial matrix since November 4, 2004, the day it reopened with great fanfare.
  24. Looking for New Electricity in the Mostly Static Art WorldIt’s not a matter of art being becoming more political. But the more I look for signs of artistic vitality, the more frustrated I’ve become.
  25. How to Navigate an Art Fair With Jerry Saltz▶️ Nobody can do it like Jerry.
  26. Jerry Saltz, Glenn O’Brien Talk Art, NudityA few Pulitzer nominations weren’t enough to prevent Saltz from getting kicked off Instagram for posting artsy nudes.
  27. Matthew Higgs Is a National TreasureWhite Columns: a pillar of the community.
  28. The Chelsea Artist Tour RecapCheck out the highlights reel.
  29. art
    Art at Arm’s Length: A History of the SelfieIt’s become a new visual genre—a type of self-portraiture formally distinct from all others in history.
  30. art
    Jerry Saltz on Kate Middleton’s Terrible Official PortraitShe described it as “amazing.” So much for her art-history background.
  31. art review
    Saltz on the MoMA’s Inventing AbstractionInsiders will go gaga here. But I wonder whether larger audiences will grasp the way this kind of art thrust itself to the fore in the West.
  32. year in culture 2012
    Critics’ Roundtable: What Was the Cultural Event of 2012?And four other equally pertinent questions.
  33. year in culture 2012
    Jerry Saltz’s Top 10 Art Picks of 2012Clint Eastwood pioneered a new genre of performance art, the Met examined the dawn of Egyptian art, and more.
  34. jerry saltz
    Saltz: Make Me a Faux Gerhard Richter PaintingOne guy in Jersey knew how.
  35. art review
    Saltz: How I Came to Embrace Richard Artschwager’s WeirdnessHow he finally won over our art critic.
  36. art review
    Saltz: Picasso’s Monochrome Paintings Display a Rainbow of EmotionBrilliantly conceived and installed by Carmen Giménez, the Guggenheim’s show zeroes in on Picasso’s use of black and white and gray.
  37. art review
    Jerry Saltz: The Scream Is ComingThe Munch that ate New York.
  38. jerry saltz
    Jerry Saltz on Wade Guyton’s Brave New Inkjet-Printer PaintbrushYou think high technology obliterates the touch of an artist’s hand? Guyton disagrees.
  39. jerry saltz
    Saltz: The Met’s ‘Regarding Warhol’ Has Nothing to SayThere’s a shallow, pandering fecklessness to this pseudo-extravaganza.
  40. obituary
    Jerry Saltz on Franz West, 1947–2012“An elephantine influence.”
  41. fight!
    Edelstein, Saltz on Marclay’s The ClockThe art critic vs. the film critic.
  42. art
    Saltz on the Firing of L.A. MoCA’s Chief Curator, Paul Schimmel“From where I sit, the whole thing stinks.”
  43. obit
    Jerry Saltz on the End of Artnet.com’s Magazine“In 1998, Artnet was the site that convinced me that if my writing didn’t exist online, it didn’t exist at all.”
  44. obit
    Jerry Saltz: Why I Liked (and Even Respected) LeRoy NeimanThe art world ignored him. But he did what artists do: made something all his own.
  45. jerry saltz
    Saltz Reflects on Brice Marden’s Reflective New ShowThe artist retraces his steps — but doesn’t follow them.
  46. art fairs
    Saltz: Why the Frieze Art Fair Could Solve the New York Art Fair ProblemThe upside of English elitism.
  47. art auctions
    Jerry Saltz: This Is Why I Hate Big-Money Art AuctionsNot just because they’re freak-show legal casinos.
  48. jerry saltz
    Jerry Saltz Calls Sale of Scream ‘Disgusting’But would you expect any less from the guy?
  49. obits
    Jerry Saltz on Thomas Kinkade, 1958-2012“The reason the art world doesn’t love Kinkade isn’t that it hates love, life, goodness, or God.”
  50. Jerry Saltz Remembers the Sculptor Ken Price, 1935-2012“Luminescent color flecks that make it look like a million-eyed being from another dimension.”
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