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  1. in your car the radio up
    Here’s Your First Look at the Snyder CutHBO Max just dropped a trailer.
  2. trailer mix
    Vivarium Trailer: Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg Can’t Escape the Damn SuburbsWho sent them a baby in a box?
  3. movie review
    Stop Trying to Make Zombieland: Double Tap HappenThis sequel to Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone’s 2009 Zombieland has been in the works forever — but, watching it, it’s hard to understand why.
  4. trailer mix
    The Zombieland: Double Tap Trailer Has the Gang Headed to the White HouseEveryone looks great!
  5. movie review
    Practice The Art of Self-Defense Against This MovieRiley Stearns’s anti-macho black comedy is cringeworthy in a good way, and hilarious in a not-good way.
  6. theater review
    Theater Review: Happy Talk Is a Satire Full of Empty CaloriesJesse Eisenberg’s play is a maudlin mess until it turns into a horrific one.
  7. movie review
    The Hummingbird Project Is Just Passable, But See It for Alexander SkarsgårdMost of The Hummingbird Project is Jesse Eisenberg grimacing over his stomach and talking very fast.
  8. party report
    Jesse Eisenberg Is Two Weeks Away From Finishing Zombieland 2 ShootThe actor promises the ten-year journey to creating a cult sequel will pay off for longtime fans.
  9. trailer mix
    Art of Self-Defense Trailer: Jesse Eisenberg Likes to Kick It, He’s a Karate Guy“I’m afraid of other men. They intimidate me. I want to be what intimidates me.”
  10. trailer mix
    Salma Hayek Has Magnificent Silver Hair in The Hummingbird Project TrailerAlexander Skarsgård, meanwhile, has no hair at all.
  11. movies
    Zombieland Will Return From the Undead With a SequelZombieland 2 will reunite the original cast, writers, and director.
  12. casting couch
    Jesse Eisenberg to Mime His Way Into the Oscar Race As Marcel MarceauIt’s already being compared to Life Is Beautiful.
  13. Jesse Eisenberg and J.J. Abrams Developing ‘The Market’ Comedy SeriesJesse Eisenberg is developing his own TV comedy with some help from J.J. Abrams. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Eisenberg is developing a […]
  14. supervillains
    Jesse Eisenberg to Reprise Lex Luthor in Justice LeagueBut it’s not a major part.
  15. movie review
    Woody Allen Returns to Old Hollywood in Café SocietyHis ’30s romantic drama is a surprisingly graceful work.
  16. pride
    Jesse Eisenberg Tells Off Anti-Gay Protesters at London Pride ParadeHis exact words were, “Dude, that’s so f*cked up.”
  17. supervillains
    Jesse Eisenberg Discusses Lex Luthor’s ReturnHe says he loves all the people working on Justice League. That’s nice.
  18. Jesse Eisenberg to Make His TV Directorial Debut with ‘Bream Gives Me […]Last year, Jesse Eisenberg began adapting his McSweeney’s short story collection Bream Gives Me Hiccups as a TV series, and now the project has […]
  19. trailer mix
    See the Trailer for Woody Allen’s Café SocietyHis love letter to the Golden Age of Hollywood.
  20. sequels
    Now You See Me 3 Finds Director; It Was Behind Your Ear the Whole TimeIt’s magic!
  21. chat room
    Eisenberg on Acting in Batman v Superman, IndiesThe actor-writer is mastering the act of jumping between blockbusters and small-scale fare.
  22. batman v superman dawn of justice
    Watch a Truly Weird Deleted Scene From Batman v Superman It has goop and strange boxes?
  23. wha?
    What Was Lex Luthor’s Batman v Superman Plan?Two baffled Vulture staffers try to untangle the film’s weird plot.
  24. pick up artistry
    Snyder Wanted Eisenberg a Role That Wasn’t LexSnyder later offered him something “cooler.”
  25. movie critics
    Hollywood Bad-Boy Jesse Eisenberg Trolls Critics in New Yorker Piece“Based on an idea that I poorly executed in grad school.”
  26. last night on late night
    Here’s How to Celebrate ‘Thanksliving’ Like a Professional Jesse EisenbergGoodbye, gravy. Hello, guilt!
  27. new yorker festival
    Jesse Eisenberg May Stalk You, But He Won’t Get Stoned With YouAlso, he had fun turning the cartoony villain Lex Luthor into a scary reality.
  28. movie reviews
    American Ultra: Come for the Actors, Tolerate the PlotEisenberg and Stewart’s apparent directionlessness is in sync with their generation.
  29. video
    Watch Jason Segel’s David Foster Wallace Discuss the Allure of AlanisEven the leading intellectual light of his day was into the “You Oughta Know” singer.
  30. movies
    Here’s Your First Look at Lex Luthor, Tech Bro, in Batman v Superman“If you guys were the destroyers of Metropolis, you would have destroyed Metropolis.”
  31. trailer mix
    New American Ultra Trailer: Jesse Eisenberg Is a Sleepy AgentThe movie premieres August 21.
  32. theater
    Theater Review: Is There a Victor in Jesse Eisenberg’s The Spoils?Bad rich kids.
  33. chat room
    Jesse Eisenberg on His New Play The Spoils“In this new play, I set out to create a character that does horrible things but whom I can relate to.”
  34. Here’s the Trailer for ‘American Ultra’ Starring Jesse Eisenberg and […]Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg have teamed up on the big screen again for Max Landis’s new action comedy American Ultra, and the first […]
  35. trailer mix
    Jesse Eisenberg Is a Stone(d) Cold KillerWhoaaaa.
  36. trailer mix
    Jason Segel Becomes DFW in The End of the TourOpposite Jesse Eisenberg.
  37. batman v superman dawn of justice
    Try to Imagine Jesse Eisenberg Balder Than He Is As Lex Luthor — You Will FailA first look. 
  38. casting couch
    Woody Allen’s Next Film Will Star …The details are scarce, but we know the players.
  39. sundance 2015
    Sundance Review: DFW Biopic The End of the TourWhen he first appeared onscreen, I worried.
  40. Jessie Eisenberg Is Adapting His ‘McSweeney’s’ Short Stories Into an […]Jessie Eisenberg has a new Amazon series in the works. THR reports that Eisenberg is writing and executive producing a new half-hour Amazon […]
  41. trailer mix
    Night Moves Trailer: L’eggo My Eco(terrorism)Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning, and Peter Sarsgaard play radical environmentalists who blow up a dam.
  42. Watch Scott Gairdner Enact Jesse Eisenberg’s ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Audition This isn’t the first time Scott Gairdner (Conan, Funny Or Die) has posed as Jesse Eisenberg for a fake audition tape, but it’s certainly the […]
  43. casting couch
    Jesse Eisenberg to Play Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder’s Batman-Superman MovieJeremy Irons to take over the role of Batman’s Alfred.
  44. Watch the Teaser Trailer for Richard Ayoade’s ‘The Double’ Here’s the brand new teaser for The Double, a dark comedy written and directed by Richard Ayoade and starring Jesse Eisenberg as a guy […]
  45. Jason Segel to Play David Foster Wallace in a BiopicJason Segel has been cast as late author David Foster Wallace in an upcoming film called The End of the Tour, The Wrap reports. The movie is […]
  46. in production
    The David Foster Wallace Movie Is HappeningThe End of the Tour will star Jason Segel as the writer.
  47. Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart are Starring in an Action-Comedy from […]Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart are set to star in American Ultra, an action comedy from Chronicle writer Max Landis and Project […]
  48. casting couch
    Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg Reteam for American UltraAwww.
  49. trailer mix
    Rio 2 Trailer: It’s Not Set in RioWhat if Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway were married and birds?
  50. trailer mix
    The Double Trailer: Here Are Two Jesse EisenbergsAnd they both look like they don’t want to be there.
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