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Jesse Pinkman

  1. spoilers
    Should We Be Happy for Jesse at the End of El Camino?The conclusion of the Breaking Bad movie isn’t so clear-cut.
  2. tv review
    El Camino Gives Breaking Bad Fans Exactly What They WantTrue to the spirit of Breaking Bad and classic Westerns, El Camino is fan service executed at a very high level.
  3. prime real estate
    You Can Buy Jesse Pinkman’s Breaking Bad HouseHow is this house still standing?
  4. drake-ing bad
    Drake and Aaron Paul Hung Out“Too epic.”
  5. it's so hard to say goodbye
    Watch The Evolution of Jesse PinkmanApply yourself.
  6. yeah bitch! magnets!
    Hear Your New Favorite Breaking Bad–Inspired Song“Dance Bitch” features Jesse Pinkman’s beloved catchphrase.
  7. fond farewells
    The Dream of Jesse Pinkman’s Happy EndingYeah, bitch! [Sobs.]
  8. mash-ups
    Watch This Breaking BadNeed for Speed Mash-UpRemember all those jokes you made last night?
  9. gifs
    This Week’s Breaking Bad GIFs: Walt Gets Sick; Jesse Gets StonedWoah, man.
  10. Watch Aaron Paul Talk About His Favorite Breaking Bad ‘Bitch’ Moments“Gatorade me, bitch!”
  11. breaking bad
    Watch a Supercut of Jesse Pinkman Saying ‘Yo’Yo, Jesse speaks!