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  1. castings
    Jessica Alba to Play Gabrielle Union’s Partner in Bad Boys SeriesWhat are you gonna do when Syd and Nancy come for you?
  2. boy bye
    Tyra Banks and Jessica Alba Pull Brands From Celebrity Apprentice Over TrumpSome Tyra Mail for you, President Trump.
  3. Jessica Alba Gives Stephen Colbert Hot New LookAnd she made him smell like a very salty vacation. 
  4. last night on late night
    Jessica Alba Masters Roomba Pong on Tonight ShowShe played against worthy opponent Jeff Foxworthy.
  5. trailer mix
    Mechanic: Resurrection Trailer: Statham’s BackJessica Alba and Tommy Lee Jones, too!
  6. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Dear EleanorA road trip Thelma and Louise would be proud of.
  7. trailer mix
    Pierce Brosnan Has Sex in New Movie TrailerSome men fix their midlife crises by having sex with Salma Hayek.
  8. trailer mix
    See Wiig, Maguire in Their Weird Show’s TrailerIt’s called The Spoils of Babylon.
  9. Jessica Alba, Val Kilmer, and More Join Will Ferrell’s IFC Show ‘Spoils of […]The cast of Funny or Die’s new IFC series The Spoils of Babylon keeps getting more and more impressive. The network announced today that […]
  10. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jessica Alba Worked the Kissing BoothPlus: All hail Bruce Willis the Pope, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  11. youth vote
    The Obama Campaign: Young Hollywood EditionPresident Obama takes inspiration from Vanity Fair.
  12. movies that demand to be made
    The Daily Beast’s Eerily Spot-on Casting of Inevitable Berlusconi FilmJack Nicholson in the lead, Angelina Jolie as his ex-wife.
  13. clickables
    See Jessica Alba, Joel McHale, and a Crazily Bearded Jeremy Piven in the Spy Kids 4 TrailerBonus: Ricky Gervais voices the robot dog.
  14. trailer mix
    An Invisible Sign Trailer: Jessica Alba + Pigtails = Math ProdigyDe-glammed and ready to do calculus!
  15. clickables
    See Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, and Lindsay Lohan in Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Hottie Body Hump Club’ AdAlso featuring Minka Kelly, Eva Longoria, and Emily Blunt.
  16. fugging it up
    The Fugs Rate the Best and Worst Red-Carpet Pregnancy LooksFrom Angelina Jolie in radiant, life-giving green to Kate Hudson taking the concept of belly dancing to distracting new levels.
  17. MTV Europe VJ Yeuvejegenja Yevjskaiya interviews Jessica Alba Here’s an interview Jessica Alba does with MTV Europe VJ Yeuvejegenja Yevjskaiya, otherwise known as NYC comedian Paul W. Downs. It is […]
  18. clickables
    Watch Jessica Alba Do the Running Man at a Slumber PartyShe even tells a ghost story.
  19. breaking
    CBS and Jessica Alba Turn Another Blog Into a SitcomBased on Canadian blogger/tweeter/ex-model Kelly Oxford’s life as a mom.
  20. explanations
    Jessica Alba: Blame Flipper for My Anti-Screenwriter Comments“I was completely and totally paraphrased.”
  21. director-approved sadness
    Don’t Ever Ask Jessica Alba to ‘Cry Pretty’“He was like, ‘Don’t do that thing with your face. Just make it flat. We can CGI the tears in.’”
  22. clickables
    Watch a Trailer for Little Fockers, Now With Dustin HoffmanUnfortunately, still contained within is the scene where Ben Stiller gives Robert De Niro’s boner an injection.
  23. beefs
    Jessica Alba Accidentally Angers Screenwriter“Following your logic, you’ve never been in a movie with both good actors and amazing writing. That may be true.”
  24. nudity
    How Jessica Alba Broke Ground in CGI Side-BoobShe went nude in ‘Machete’ without ever having to take her clothes off.
  25. quote machine
    Kristen Bell’s Dream of Having Tons of Acne Crushed by DisneyPlus: Madonna’s upcoming movie to star Madonna’s furniture.
  26. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Alba, StillerPlus: Ben Stiller to star in Brett Ratner heist film.
  27. chat room
    Jessica Alba on Getting Her Head Smashed in The Killer Inside MeThe actress speaks about the violence in the movie, working as a mom, and how she’s sick of trading in on her good looks.
  28. trailer mix
    The Killer Inside Me Trailer Goes Easy on Jessica AlbaWe’ll agree to see this thing as long as IFC agrees to forgo a red-band trailer.
  29. trailer mix
    Machete Trailer: Grindhouse Immigration PolicyRobert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo have a special message for Arizona.
  30. party chat
    Alba: Violence in The Killer Inside Me ‘Glossy’She also denies rumors that she had left a screening at Sundance because she couldn’t stand to watch the movie.
  31. casting couch
    Dustin Hoffman Might Be Getting Cranky About Little Fockers“Scheduling difficulties” might keep the oldest Focker out of the film.
  32. the industry
    Uma Thurman to Have a Terrible WeddingPlus: Antoine Fuqua! Lauren Conrad! Thomas the Tank Engine!
  33. the industry
    Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams to Remember the Days When Things Didn’t SuckPlus: Hedy Lamarr, scientist?
  34. rom-coms
    Valentine’s Day Looks to Repeat Success of He’s Just Not That Into YouOh Robert Altman, where art thou?
  35. the industry
    Jimmy Fallon Has All the Time in the WorldPlus: Real-life car-crash deaths potentially coming to CBS.
  36. paying your dues
    Jessica Biel Draws Short Straw, Becomes Latest Hot Babe Recruited to Host the Oscars for NerdsThe Academy has a long history of recruiting hot babes to host their Scientific & Technical Awards.
  37. terrible
    Will the Office Super Bowl Special Be the Worst Episode Ever?There’s a disturbing precedent for it.
  38. awesome
    Cloris Leachman Coming to Dunder MifflinWe hope she plays Michael Scott’s mom!
  39. the industry
    Chris Rock to Attend ‘Funeral’Plus: Brett Ratner to direct movie. Wait, come back!
  40. the industry
    Will Smith Now the Fresh Prince of EgyptPlus: Two more Spider-Man movies!
  41. the early-evening news
    Can Jessica Alba Save Broadway?Plus: More Cloverfield crap!
  42. the early-evening news
    Ben Kingsley Will Do Anything for MoneyRoger Daltrey, Pavarotti, and more!
  43. the industry
    Justin Timberlake to Bring Hockey BackModels, death races, etc.!
  44. the industry
    Jessica Alba Loves Ice Hockey, Mike MyersPlus industry news on Watchmen, Liev Schreiber, amd Takashi Murakami.