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Jessica Rothe

  1. trailer mix
    You Can Watch Logan Paul Get Punched in The Face In The Valley Girl TrailerAlso, Jessica Rothe Hive activate!
  2. pilots
    Jessica Rothe to Star in a New Comedy Series From Sharon HorganOn the forthcoming HBO Max streaming platform.
  3. chat room
    Jessica Rothe Shares the Original Fate of Tree in Happy Death DayFans just couldn’t let the star of Happy Death Day 2U go.
  4. movie review
    Happy Death Day 2 U Is a Madcap Sequel That Goes to Unexpected PlacesStalk-and-kill movies bear some resemblance to classic farces, but none have taken the similarities as far as Happy Death Day and its sequel.
  5. trailer mix
    Happy Death Day 2U Trailer: This Girl Just Cannot Stop DyingWelcome to the multiverse!