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  1. false alarms
    No, Frank Ocean’s New Luxury Company Isn’t a Front for a New AlbumThat album on the Homer website is by the rapper 454, not Ocean.
  2. bling bling
    Céline Dion’s Massive Ring Is Waiting to Be KissedShow some respect.
  3. fashion du jour
    Diana Trout’s 6 Greatest Necklaces, As Chosen by Younger’s Costume DesignerWho could forget that oversize flower?
  4. obviously
    Ron Artest Puts Out Oddly Legit Mix TapeThe Houston Rockets forward has teamed with some reputable D.J.’s, and we fear his work may be relevant.
  5. the comics page
    Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘Jessica Farm’Josh Simmons started his life’s work at the age of 22 and won’t finish until 2050.
  6. apropos of nothing
    An Anxious Nation Wants to Know: Will Errol Morris Remember Tony Kornheiser?They went to elementary school together, but does the documentarian recall the sports shouter?
  7. the industry
    Tobey Maguire Just Might Be Mr. Good EnoughPlus: Harry Potter’s wang confirmed for Broadway, and Disney already working on ‘High School Musical 4.’