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  1. american history
    The Riotous Pre-History of American JewsEight of the most critical and contentious turning points, from Steven Weisman’s The Chosen Wars.
  2. movies
    Why BlacKkKlansman Is Required Viewing for JewsThere’s a lot packed into Adam Driver’s character’s soul-searching.
  3. famous jews
    Zooey Deschanel Converted to JudaismWelcome.
  4. 180s
    Jewish Reporter Offers Defense of Mel Gibson“He wasn’t the bad person I thought he was back when I first wrote about him.”
  5. supercut
    Supercut: Rappers Shouting Out Their Jewish LawyersMazel tov, Jewish lawyers.
  6. The One About Old Jews on Broadway“OLD MAN: Doctor, I can’t pee. DOCTOR: Tell me, Mr. Moskowitz, how old are you? OLD MAN: I’m 94. DOCTOR: You’ve peed enough. Believe me: […]
  7. Judd Apatow and Lena Dunham Get to the Bottom of Judaism and BoobsAmid the hubbub about HBO’s Girls, which premieres April 15, we still all have some important lingering questions. Like: Is Lena Dunham Jewish? […]
  8. matzoh
    See a Matzo PrankPassover has come quite early for one merry prankster.
  9. The Birth of Modern Jewish Humor Pinpointed to July 3, 1661Curious as to why semites are such a funny group of people? Turns out that according to a Berkeley professor, it can be pinpointed to an exact […]
  10. “So a Cardiologist, an Architect, and a Comedian Are at the Pearly […] Today’s episode of Old Jews Telling Jokes features Aaron Schechter (“a retired CPA whose client list once included David Frost, Monty Python, […]
  11. People Are Very Curious About the Political Views and Jewishness of Late […]So I just found this handy site, which allows you to generate a Venn diagram based on what Google suggest fills in once you start typing in […]
  12. Judd Apatow’s Celebrity-Stuffed PSA for AJWSEven after watching this video that Judd Apatow made for them, I’m still not super clear on what exactly the American Jewish World Service […]
  13. Old Jews Telling Jokes Getting a Spinoff Sitcom Web Series The Old Jews Telling Jokes series has been a great success, with over 200 episodes and a book under their belt. The next step? I can […]
  14. Old Jews Telling Jokes: Episode 200 Here’s the 200th episode of the wonderful Old Jews Telling Jokes series, which has a new book coming out as well. Watch the video, then come […]