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Jil Sander

  1. imminent disasters
    Taxpayers Inexplicably Upset About Having to Pay for Brad Pitt MoviesCritics of the tax incentives for filmmakers point out that they are completely stupid.
  2. the industry
    Brandon Routh Is Still Super, Thanks for AskingPlus: Ridley Scott battles Einstein!
  3. roll credits
    Week in Review: People Who Should Be ShotLooking back on the week that was.
  4. overnights
    ‘American Gladiators’: Who Can Defeat the Mighty Toilet-Paper Saleswoman?A masterpiece of betrayed audience expectations right up there with Psycho.
  5. vulture picture palace
    Filmmaker Ray Tintori Reunites Father and Son, Blows Up EarthWe don’t quite know what to make of Ray Tintori’s Jettison Your Loved Ones — a deranged, no-budget sci-fi epic about perpetual motion and families — other than to say that it’s some of the most hypnotic and strange six minutes you’ll ever spend staring at a computer screen.
  6. countdown
    Culture Apocalypse 2008: Vulture’s Calendar for the Year AheadOur complete guide to the movies, TV shows, and music that will disappoint us all in the coming year.