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  1. movies
    The Boys in the Band Play OnThe pioneering gay drama, long dismissed as a relic of self-hatred, is now a Netflix film that remains brilliantly uncomfortable.
  2. trailer mix
    The Boys in the Band Trailer: Back by Popular DemandStarring Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, Andrew Rannells, and more.
  3. chat room
    How Ryan Murphy Convinced Jim Parsons to Play a Sleazy Hollywood Agent“There was a part of me, only half jokingly, that wanted to do for Henry Willson what Angels in America had done for Roy Cohn.”
  4. trailer mix
    Hollywood Trailer: Now Look Here, See, It’s Ryan Murphy’s New Tinseltown ShowDismantling the golden age as we know it.
  5. straight to series
    Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons Reteam for Carla on FoxThe Miranda remake has already been given a series commitment.
  6. endings
    The Big Bang Theory Cast Just Wants That Damn Elevator Fixed, AlreadyA not-unreasonable finale request.
  7. bazinga
    Jim Parsons Abandoned Big Bang Theory Because There Wasn’t ‘Anything Left’ to DoAlso, he disliked those T-shirts.
  8. crossovers
    Young Sheldon to Defy Space and Time to Appear in Big Bang TheoryWho wants to place their bets on a wormhole?
  9. food talk
    Wow, The Big Bang Theory’s Actors Have Finally Gotten Good at Fake-EatingWell, I guess it’s real eating now.
  10. vulture recommends
    9 Big Bang Theory Episodes That Will Win Over SkepticsA cynic’s guide to the long-running sitcom.
  11. bazinga
    Jim Parsons Says ‘Grateful’ 5 Times in His Good-bye Message to Big Bang Theory“This grateful feeling is always with me but is multiplied in this moment of us announcing our final season.”
  12. theater review
    Theater Review: Can The Boys in the Band Work in 2018?“Yes. No. It’s complicated.”
  13. Claire Danes and Jim Parsons Are Stunningly Good in the Graceful A Kid Like JakeDanes and Parsons star as parents of a non-gender-normative 5-year-old in Silas Howard’s drama.
  14. vulture festival 2018
    Claire Danes Says She and Carrie Mathison Needed to Go on a BreakThe actress spoke about how her new film A Kid Like Jake was a much-needed change of pace.
  15. vulture festival 2018
    Vulture Festival Is This Weekend! Full Line-up Here!In its fifth year in NYC, the pop-culture extravaganza will include Ava DuVernay, Claire Danes, Tracy Morgan, and so much more.
  16. broadway
    Jim Parsons Recovering From The Boys in the Band Foot FractureRepresentatives said they expect Parsons to return within the week.
  17. Which TV Actors Get Paid the Most?Analyzing actors’ increasing salaries in the world of Peak TV.
  18. a closer look
    Everyone Is Terrible at Fake-Eating on The Big Bang TheoryIt’s time we took a closer look at this phenomenon.
  19. Ryan Murphy Is Producing an All-Star Broadway Production of The Boys in the BandJim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, Andrew Rannells, and Matt Bomer are set to star.
  20. trailer mix
    The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Trailer: What Happened After the Proposal?Leonard may ruin things, as always.
  21. math!
    The Insane Amount of Money The Big Bang Theory Stars Will Have Made by Season 12CBS is now spending about $10 million per episode to make its massively popular show.
  22. CBS Orders the ‘Young Sheldon’ Spin-Off to SeriesCBS’s Big Bang Theory spin-off about Sheldon Cooper is officially happening. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has given the […]
  23. transgender rights
    Jim Parsons to Produce, Star in Feature Drama About Transgender ChildClaire Danes is also attached.
  24. politics
    Jim Parsons to Host a Radio Show About PoliticsCalled “Jim Parsons Is Too Stupid for Politics.”
  25. Jim Parsons Developing ‘The Monarchy Is Going to Sh*t’ Comedy at FreeformJim Parsons has another comedy series in the works. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Parsons is developing a single-cam comedy at Freeform […]
  26. casting couch
    Jim Parsons Will Play a BuzzFeed Editor in Brother Orange MovieBased on the real story of an “unlikely friendship.”
  27. CBS Is Reportedly Developing a ‘Big Bang’ Spin-Off About a Young SheldonSheldon Cooper is reportedly getting his own spin-off series. According to Deadline, CBS is reportedly working on a Big Bang Theory spin-off […]
  28. Jim Parsons to Produce ‘Lakeside VA’ Hospital Comedy at ABCABC has put into development a comedy series set in a VA hospital. According to Variety, the network has given a put-pilot order to a […]
  29. $$$$
    Jim Parsons Is the Highest-Paid Actor on TV“Shocker!” said nobody.
  30. the industry
    Jim Parsons Cast in Magic Comedy Man-WitchWell, he’s not quite a man, and he’s not quite a witch, but haha, man!
  31. Jim Parsons In Talks to Star in Magic Comedy ‘Man-Witch’Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons is headed to the big screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Parsons is currently in talks to star in a […]
  32. time
    The Big Bang Theory Showrunner Says Season Ten May Be Its LastBang! Bang! Bang! (To Everything There Is a Season)
  33. Jim Parsons Producing a Multi-Cam Family Comedy at CBSBig Bang Theory star Jim Parsons is developing a new comedy at CBS. According to Deadline, the network is developing an untitled multi-cam […]
  34. theater
    Theater Review: Does Jim Parsons, As God, Knock ’Em Dead?On Monday night, he rests.
  35. theater
    God’s IMDb: A History of Actors Playing the AlmightyJim Parsons is next, in the Broadway comedy An Act of God.
  36. ‘I’m Special’: Jim Parsons Adapting ‘Thought Catalog’ Writer’s Book as a […]Jim Parsons, of Big Bang Theory fame, and his gay lover, Todd Spiewak, have optioned a book to make a half-hour comedy series, according to […]
  37. movie reviews
    Movie Review: Home Has Silly Aliens But Real EmotionsIt’s corny, but the corniness never feels cheap or opportunistic.
  38. last night on late night
    Wiz Khalifa Evidently Doesn’t Listen to Much Taylor SwiftBut it’s okay, because Miles Teller is really good at Catchphrase.
  39. money
    Why the Big Bang Cast Deserves Even More MoneyThey’ll make upwards of $100 million over the next three years. CBS still got off cheap.
  40. The ‘Big Bang’ Stars’ New Contracts Will Earn Them Over $90M EachAlong with news of The Big Bang Theory’s triple-season renewal comes staggering raises for the main stars, who reached a deal in renewing their […]
  41. upfronts 2014
    Jim Parsons on What Makes The Big Bang Theory So Big“There’s not anything to keep up with. You can enjoy our show without a weekly appointment.”
  42. ‘SNL’ Review: Lena Dunham, Guest Stars, and Lots of ImpressionsThis time last year, Megh Wright and I compiled a list of 10 first-time SNL hosts we’d like to see someday. The list included Stephen Colbert […]
  43. ‘SNL’ Review: Jim Parsons Broadens His Range to Nerdy GuyThe alternative comedy scene has never been very kind to Jim Parsons. He’s best known for playing Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory – the […]
  44. overnights
    SNL Recap: Parsons Kicks Off Post-Meyers EraAfter a monthlong Olympic hiatus, this week’s episode promised an evening of firsts.
  45. Jim Parsons and Bobby Moynihan Get Nerdy in These ‘SNL’ Promos Here’s the promo reel for this week’s SNL with host Jim Parsons and musical guest Beck, in which Parsons and Bobby Moynihan discuss laugh […]
  46. snl promos
    Watch Jim Parsons’s SNL Promos Bazinga, bazinga, bazinga …
  47. hosts with the mosts
    Jim Parsons, Beck Will Be on SNL March 1Enjoy, Big Bang Theory fans.
  48. Jim Parsons to Host ‘SNL’ March 1st with Beck as Musical GuestSaturday Night Live announced via Twitter today that Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons will be hosting the next new episode of the show, on […]
  49. last night on late night
    Marion Cotillard Won’t Sleep With Will FerrellPlus: Jim Parsons explained how his role on The Big Bang Theory flash mob came to be, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  50. Louis C.K. and Amy Poehler Amongst Emmy PresentersToday, the Emmys announced their first handful of presenters for the September 23rd telecast. The list is made up exclusively of funny folks: […]
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