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Joad Cressbeckler

  1. Joad Cressbeckler Should Have the Final Word on the Gay Marriage Debate There are few things better than The Onion’s Joad Cressbeckler, so I was of course excited to see today’s new installment of The Cressbeckler […]
  2. Joad Cressbeckler May Be the Funniest Character On the Internet Right Now The ONN is already the most consistently-funny outlet for web comedy right now, almost never putting out a dud of a video. But even by those […]
  3. Joad Cressbeckler: NASA Honeyfuggling America With Nonsense Space Dreams Joad Cressbeckler is who would fill the Bill O’Reilly role on Fox News if Fox News had existed in the late 19th century. Yet another amazing […]