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  1. last night on late night
    Andy Samberg Has a Plan for Filming During Coronavirus, and it Involves Diapers“A big, like, multiple-trips diaper.”
  2. grilling tips
    Let Us Calmly Meditate on the Image of Joanna Newsom GrillingThis gives a whole new meaning to “Have One On Me.”
  3. Take a Little Time and Listen to Joanna Newsom’s Unreleased Song ‘Make Hay’Originally recorded for 2015’s Divers.
  4. last night on late
    Watch Joanna Newsom Perform on Jimmy KimmelLook at her play that harp. Look at her!
  5. last night on late night
    Joanna Newsom Reveals How She Met Andy SambergThanks to an old Lonely Island video.
  6. unlikely pairs
    Joanna Newsom, Larry King Have a Harp HangoutWho said octogenarians can’t learn anything new?
  7. roll clip!
    Watch Joanna Newsom Teach Larry King the HarpSeriously, this is great and cute. Even if it’s in a surreal way.
  8. videology
    Watch Joanna Newsom’s PTA-Directed ‘Divers’ VidJust call her Mother Nature.
  9. big words
    Joanna Newsom Vocabulary List: A Guide to All Her $10 WordsUlulate? Dolorous? Hydrocephalitic?
  10. the streaming wars
    Spotify Makes Some Artists So Angry, Even Joanna Newsom Thinks It’s ‘Villainous’“It’s a garbage system.”
  11. videology
    Frolic Around New York City With Joanna Newsom and Paul Thomas AndersonShe’ll release a new album this fall.
  12. casting couch
    Joanna Newsom Joins Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent ViceThe cast now includes everyone living in California.
  13. engagements
    Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg Are Engaged!Mazel tov.
  14. joanna newsom
    Listen to Joanna Newsom’s ‘The Diver’s Wife’Sufjan Stevens and Björk’s love child returns!
  15. the muppets
    Feist’s and Joanna Newsom’s Muppets Songs Will Cheer You Right UpHear the new Muppets theme and “Life Is a Happy Song.”
  16. false
    Joanna Newsom Is Not Doing The Simpsons“I remain, however, steadfast as always in my commitment to the character of Lisa, whom I have of course had the privilege of voicing for the last twenty-one years, in my dreams.”
  17. music
    See a 2-Year-Old Sing Joanna NewsomShe calls it “baby singing.”
  18. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Holmes, CaviezelPlus: Jim Caviezel joins thriller.
  19. music
    Inexplicably, Joanna Newsom and Fleet Foxes Covered Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow“I can’t look at you when I’m lying next to her.”
  20. vulture lists
    12 Odd, Inspired Rap CollaborationsJoanna Newsom, rap darling.
  21. right-click
    So, Did the Roots Justify the Gratuitous-Seeming Indie-Rock Guest Spots on Their New Album?Yes!
  22. music
    Stream the Roots’ New Album, How I Got OverFeaturing Roots-ified remixes of indie-rock staples.
  23. all things considered
    Is NPR Actually an Indie-Music Tastemaker?Or just an indie-music purveyor?
  24. quote machine
    Rachel Weisz Loses Trash-talking Round in the Competition Over Who Can Play the Better Jackie O.Plus: ‘Twilight 3’ to be “amazing” says ‘Twilight 3’ star.
  25. beef
    Joanna Newsom Slams Lady Gaga and Madonna“I’m like, fair enough: she is the new Madonna, but Madonna’s a dumb-ass!”
  26. vulture predicts
    Joanna Newsom Collaborates With the RootsNewsom and Black Thought, together at last.
  27. tear sheets
    April’s Best and Worst Star PhotosSee a dapper Shia LeBeouf, an awkwardly styled Penn Badgley, a sexy Amanda Seyfried, and more from this month’s magazines.
  28. vulture predicts
    Hip-Hop Loves Indie RockersFrom Peter Bjorn and John, to MGMT, to …
  29. quote machine
    Helen Mirren Will Mess You Up“I remember wrecking a public pay phone once by tearing it off the wall with all my might.”
  30. music
    Stream Joanna Newsom’s New Album, Have One on Me, in Its EntiretyIt’s a “musical adventure.”
  31. music
    Stream Another New Joanna Newsom Song, ‘Kingfisher’Spare and sort of medieval.
  32. music
    Stream Another New Joanna Newsom Song: ‘Good Intentions Paving Company’The second sampling from her upcoming album.
  33. right-click
    Joanna Newsom, Three TimesThe indie-rock harpist is back, and with a triple album.
  34. right-click
    Joanna Newsom Cuts Through the NoisePlus: Elbow! The Juan MacLean! I’m From Barcelona! And more!
  35. last night's gig
    Joanna Newsom Plays Intimate Show With 30 or So FriendsThe night’s highlight came after everyone (but Newsom!) exited the stage.
  36. right-click
    Clipse Returns With More Metaphors for Cocaine-Dealing!Plus: Joanna Newsom!