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  1. wwjd
    11 Lingering Questions About the Rooney Mara–Joaquin Phoenix Film Mary MagdaleneLet’s all smoke a quick cigarette underneath Jesus’s crucified body and talk about the long-delayed Rooney Mara–Joaquin Phoenix film.
  2. trailer mix
    Joker Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix Is Moody But GigglingZazie Beetz is playing the love interest, and Robert De Niro is playing a talk-show host!
  3. dueling jokers
    Who Is the More Genuinely Upsetting Joker: Joaquin Phoenix or Tommy Wiseau?What if they made a Joker movie that had, like, double Jokers?
  4. the art of the character
    Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Has Now Gone Full ClownHere he is!
  5. joker
    Alec Baldwin Won’t Be the Joker Movie’s Trump-Like Character After AllNever mind!
  6. the industry
    Marc Maron May Needlessly Interrupt Joaquin Phoenix’s JokerHis character would cause the Joker “to go mad.”
  7. comic book movies
    Robert De Niro in Talks to Join DC Universe for Joker MovieYou’re good, you.
  8. film
    Zazie Beetz Might Join Joaquin Phoenix in JokerAnd we’re already so worried about her character’s fate.
  9. roll clip!
    Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot Clip: Jack Black, Joaquin Phoenix Bro OutThe movie is based on the real life of cartoonist John Callahan.
  10. movie review
    Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on Foot Is a Perfect Showcase for Joaquin PhoenixGus Van Sant’s latest, co-starring Jonah Hill and Jack Black, tells the story of John Callahan, a quadriplegic cartoonist recovering from alcoholism.
  11. superhero movies forever
    The ‘Gritty’ Joker Movie Starring Joaquin Phoenix Is Going ForwardIt’s a character study and a “cautionary tale.”
  12. the joker
    A Jared Leto Stand-alone Joker Movie Is Definitely HappeningThis is not to be confused with the Joker origin story that is possibly starring Joaquin Phoenix.
  13. Joaquin Phoenix and a Hammer: The Story Behind an Unforgettable Action SequenceIn You Were Never Really Here, director Lynne Ramsay achieves something startling and entirely unexpected.
  14. movie review
    Joaquin Phoenix Goes True Detective in You Were Never Really HereLynne Ramsay’s singular point of view is missing in this kidnapping thriller.
  15. odd pairings
    Please Enjoy This Wild Will Ferrell and Joaquin Phoenix Interview“In your personal life, are you sometimes a little bitch?”
  16. Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot: Joaquin Phoenix and Jonah Hill’s BromanceSee it in theaters May 11.
  17. trailer mix
    Mary Magdalene Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara FlirtThe biopic opens March 18.
  18. cannes 2017
    No One Is More Shocked Than Joaquin Phoenix That He Won Best Actor at CannesFor his turn in Lynne Ramsay’s You Were Never Really Here.
  19. cannes 2017
    Cannes: Joaquin Phoenix Is an Action Hero Now, But He’s Keeping His Belly“I thought he should be as big as possible, but I also didn’t want the standard Hollywood body for getting big.”
  20. the industry
    Joaquin Phoenix, Gus Van Sant Reteam for BiopicThe story of quadriplegic cartoonist John Callahan.
  21. casting couch
    Joaquin Phoenix Will Likely Play Jesus in a New Movie About Jesus Such a chameleon.
  22. the industry
    Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix Making WesternFar Bright Star tells the story of a failed mission to capture Sancho Panza.
  23. a guide to staying indoors
    Joaquin Phoenix Movies to Stream During Hurricane JoaquinWait, doesn’t everyone theme-out their storm weekends?
  24. casting couch
    Joaquin Phoenix in Talks to Reunite With M. Night ShyamalanThe actor hasn’t appeared in one of Shyamalan’s films since The Village in 2004.
  25. movies
    Woody Allen’s Irrational Man Shouldn’t Work, But It (Kinda) DoesThe philosophical thriller is irrationally entertaining.
  26. cannes film festival 2015
    Thanks, Joaquin: The Dadbod Trend Has Hit CannesEven as they star opposite beautiful, toned actresses, these actors enter their films potbelly-first.
  27. trailer mix
    See the Trailer for Woody Allen’s Irrational ManPhoenix is an existentially challenged philosophy professor.
  28. last night on late night
    Joaquin Phoenix Discusses His Amy Poehler CrushWe can relate.
  29. movie review
    Inherent Vice Is Groovy, Funny, and StrangeMaybe you need to get baked to be on its dissonant, erratic wavelength.
  30. casting couch
    Joaquin Phoenix Will Not Play Dr. StrangeBut who will? You?!
  31. trailer mix
    See Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice TrailerWith Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Brolin, and Reese Witherspoon.
  32. casting couch
    Joaquin Phoenix in Talks to Become Marvel’s Next HeroHe might play Doctor Strange.
  33. casting couch
    Joaquin Phoenix to Star in Next Woody Allen FilmThat OS is such a pseudo-intellectual.
  34. The Immigrant Trailer: Marion Cotillard Is Coming to AmericaWith Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner.
  35. villains we love
    Joaquin Phoenix Eyed for Batman vs. SupermanAs the Big Bad.
  36. trailer mix
    Watch the New Trailer for Spike Jonze’s Her “She’s not just a computer!”
  37. tragedy in hollywood
    River Phoenix: A Life in PicturesA look back at the quintessential Gen-X actor who died too young, at age 23.
  38. trailer mix
    The Immigrant Trailer: Midnight on Ellis IslandThe dream of the twenties is alive in New York.
  39. ‘Walter Mitty’ Writer Is Considering Emile Hirsch, Adam DeVine, and […]A new John Belushi biopic is in the works. THR reports that Steve Conrad, writer of The Weather Man, The Pursuit of Happyness, and Ben […]
  40. party chat
    Yay, Joaquin Phoenix Walked a Red Carpet Last Night and LaughedRare!
  41. profile
    How Spike Jonze Made the Timely Romance, HerAs with so many love stories, the making of the movie was equal parts turbulence and passion.
  42. he's still here
    Pusha-T Put a Joaquin Phoenix Beat on His AlbumSure, why not.
  43. deleted scenes
    Watch Twenty Minutes of Deleted Scenes From The MasterJust how Paul Thomas Anderson would’ve wanted it: on YouTube, in 480p.
  44. oscars 2013
    Best Actor: Will Daniel Day-Lewis Make Oscar History?Or is there a shock vote looming?
  45. casting couch
    Joaquin Phoenix and Paul Thomas Anderson: Together Again?Phoenix is in talks for Inherent Vice. 
  46. oscars 2013
    Behold GIFs of Oscars’ Best Actor and Actress NomineesAll of their actorly prowess in fifteen ever-repeating frames. Is it any wonder they got nominated?
  47. non-apologies
    And Here Is Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscars Non-ApologyRight on time!
  48. the industry
    Does Joaquin Phoenix’s Anti-Oscar Oration Actually Help His Chances?Maybe. Fellow actors pretty much agree with him.
  49. quotables
    Joaquin Phoenix Really Does Not Want an Oscar“I think it’s total, utter bullshit, and I don’t want to be a part of it.”
  50. vulture investigates
    Who Is The Master’s Master Masturbator?Were we the only ones wondering this?
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