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  1. the star market
    The Star Market: Does Joaquin Phoenix Even Want a Comeback? “If he becomes a star, it’ll be with reluctance and the help of something magical.”
  2. bananas
    Joaquin Phoenix Is a ‘Pet Monkey’ in The Master“Bubbles was Michael Jackson’s pet monkey, and I was Paul’s pet monkey.”
  3. on-set injuries
    Paul Thomas Anderson Feared for Joaquin Phoenix While Filming The Master“He’ll get over it,” PTA says. 
  4. toronto 2012
    Toronto: Jen, Ben, and Joaquin Have Everyone BuzzingChecking in with the standouts of the film festival.
  5. movie review
    Edelstein on The MasterA piece of stark, often abrasive American mythmaking.
  6. awards
    The Master’s Acting Award Cost It a Golden LionPhilip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix, it’s also your fault.
  7. awards
    The Master Loses Top Venice Film Festival Prize for Being Too PopularThe movie will have to make do with the directing and acting awards. 
  8. last night on late night
    Dean Norris: How Hank Can Go ‘Gangster’ on WaltPlus: David Letterman put Amy Adams in the middle of his apparently ongoing beef with Joaquin Phoenix, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  9. vulture reads
    Long Reads: Springsteen, the Phoenixes, PoseyAnother excuse to stay indoors. 
  10. lowlife
    See a Still of Joaquin Phoenix and Marion Cotillard in LowlifeMore like the snoring twenties, right?
  11. trailer mix
    The Master Trailer: Paul Thomas Anderson Will Make You a BelieverStarring Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams.
  12. the master
    Watch a New Teaser Trailer for The MasterAnyone else getting hints of L. Ron Hubbard?
  13. big jerks
    How Gladiator Inspires Game of ThronesJoffrey didn’t get that demeanor from nowhere.
  14. the master
    Teaser for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The MasterWhoa, it’s like Punch Drunk Love meets Lord of the Flies. Or something equally bizarre and cool.
  15. the master
    See Behind the Scenes of the Making of Paul Thomas Anderson’s The MasterJoaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams star in the director’s fifties period piece about a cult leader.
  16. vulture lists
    Six-Packs and Steel Guitars: Film’s Drunkest Country Singers
  17. movies
    Casey Affleck to Roger Ebert: I’m Still Here Had No Point“There are ideas in the film that are interesting to me. I don’t have a point to make, though.”
  18. Joaquin Phoenix Returns to Letterman’s Couch So Joaquin Phoenix, clean-shaven and presumably not acting, returned to the scene of his infamous non-interview on The Late Show, and it was […]
  19. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Edward Norton Thinks Robert De Niro’s a WeirdoPlus, Jaime King confirms that all men are cheerleader-obsessed perverts, on our regular late-night roundup.
  20. joaquin phoenix
    Letterman Wins Again in Joaquin Phoenix RematchWhat Letterman Knew still remains something of a mystery.
  21. exclusive
    Eastwood Wants Phoenix to Play Hoover’s LoverVulture hears that Phoenix is said to be the director’s top choice to play Hoover’s reputed paramour, Clyde Tolson.
  22. David Letterman Was In on the Joaquin HoaxWell, this is a little… I don’t know what. Disappointing? Annoying? In any case, apparently David Letterman was in on this whole Joaquin […]
  23. joaquin phoenix
    Dave Letterman Was in on the Joaquin Phoenix Hoax, TooWe’ve been had. Again!
  24. the star market
    The Star Market: Joaquin PhoenixIs it forgive and forget, or is it, “What if he goes fake-crazy when promoting my movie?”
  25. duh
    Joaquin’s I’m Still Here Totally Made UpNone of it’s true, says Casey Affleck.
  26. movies
    Watch When Werner Rescued Phoenix, a Real-Life Story of Herzog and JoaquinSomeone had the presence of mind to add hand-drawn animations to the already familiar story.
  27. Joaquin Phoenix to Bring Beard, Bad Attitude Back to Letterman’s CouchGood news, trainwreck fans! Vulture is reporting that on September 22, Joaquin Phoenix is returning to The Late Show with David Letterman. […]
  28. jp
    Joaquin Phoenix Returns to LettermanMust-see TV.
  29. joaquin phoenix
    Failed Retiree Joaquin Phoenix to Maybe Play Foot FetishistHe’s attached to a part in ‘Big Shoe,’ about a foot-fetishizing shoe designer.
  30. questionable docs
    Joaquin and the Rise of the Questionable Doc“For the past seventeen minutes, I’ve been lying my head off.”
  31. i'm still here
    Joaquin Phoenix Allegedly ImpersonatedA Joaquin Phoenix impersonator is running amok at the Toronto Film Festival.
  32. in the magazine
    Edelstein: Joaquin Phoenix’s I’m Still Here No Hoax“To dismiss Phoenix’s latest role because it’s not ‘real’ is to miss out on the charge of watching an actor play footsy with his own, barely corralled dementia.”
  33. i'm still here
    How Will Joaquin’s Year of Performance Art End?Is he a rapping beardo? Or just a guy who pretended to be a rapping beardo for fun?
  34. trailer mix
    I’m Still Here Trailer: Joaquin’s CommittedClearly this is still all a joke, but we’re impressed with his commitment here — check out that gut!
  35. exclusive
    Bearded Joaquin Phoenix Immortalized by Shepard FaireySharp-eyed citizens of major cities might have noticed these wild postings of Joaquin Phoenix’s bearded visage popping up recently …
  36. casey affleck
    Casey Affleck Hit With Second Sexual-Harassment SuitAnother woman from the Joaquin Phoenix film is coming forward, claiming the seemingly sweet Affleck crawled into bed with her, uninvited.
  37. docudrama
    Joaquin Phoenix Rap Documentary in Theaters in SeptemberThe opportunity to watch Phoenix rap and be defecated on is finally here.
  38. docudrama
    Joaquin Phoenix Rap Documentary: Coming SoonMagnolia is in final talks to pick up ‘I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix’ for an Oscar-qualifying release this fall.
  39. docudrama
    Joaquin Phoenix’s Rap Career Gets Diddy Seal of Approval“Joaquin’s for real.”
  40. docudrama
    Joaquin Phoenix’s Rap Documentary Sounds DisgustingDetails about the film have emerged and they’re totally gross.
  41. docudrama
    Who Will Buy the Joaquin Phoenix Rap Doc?Not only is Casey Affleck’s mockumentary on Joaquin Phoenix’s pretend rap career a real thing, it is apparently being screened for actual ostensibly interested buyers.
  42. movies
    See Joaquin Phoenix’s Exotic Skins PETA CommercialWarning: The video is extremely graphic and upsetting.
  43. joaquin phoenix
    Update: Joaquin Phoenix Won’t Return to Acting As Edgar Allen PoeIt would have to be a mysteriously dark poet, otherwise the whole beard would have been for naught.
  44. joaquin phoenix
    Joaquin Phoenix Returns!Without the beard.
  45. liberal doses of visine required
    Steve Zahn Pulls a Joaquin Phoenix on the Tonight Show — Is a Fake Rap Career Next on His Horizon?We think he might’ve had too much bluegrass before the show.
  46. quote machine
    Turns Out That James Gray Isn’t Really That Mad at Joaquin Phoenix, After AllPlus, Zooey Deschanel is fed up with being mistaken for Katy Perry.
  47. quote machine
    James Gray Has Yet to Forgive Joaquin PhoenixPlus: Angela Lansbury FINALLY speaks out on the remake of ‘The Manchurian Candidate.’
  48. shams
    Joaquin Phoenix’s Fake Brawl Gets a New, Uncensored Release on YouTubeJoaquin sings without the benefit of bleeps … how will it turn out?
  49. shams
    Joaquin Phoenix ‘Heckler Brawl’ Downgraded to ‘Staged Hug’“It was a fake fight … Nobody threw a punch. They were just holding onto each other.”
  50. brawls
    Joaquin Phoenix’s Fake Rap Career Leads to Fake Fight With Fake FanHis musk smells of desperation.
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