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  1. friday night movie club
    Inside Man Still Absolutely RulesIt’s Spike Lee and Denzel Washington at their slickest.
  2. trailer mix
    Exclusive: Meet the 10 Guests of Hotel ArtemisFeaturing an emasculated arms dealer and the world’s leading assassin.
  3. 2018 oscars
    Damn, Jennifer Lawrence and Jodie Foster Tattled on Meryl Streep’s BullyingThey kid, of course.
  4. oscars 2018
    Jennifer Lawrence and Jodie Foster Will Reportedly Present Best Actress OscarLast year’s Best Actor winner Casey Affleck withdrew from presenting at the Oscars in January.
  5. chat room
    Jodie Foster and Rosemarie DeWitt on Black Mirror’s Helicopter-Parent Episode“It’s a lot of interesting questions about child-rearing, but also about being a woman and how we raise women.”
  6. shade
    Shade Queen Jodie Foster Compares Bad Superhero Movies to FrackingJustice League, don’t read this.
  7. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert’s Hannibal Lecter and Donald Trump Are Cannibal Golfing BuddiesSlurp, slurp, slurp.
  8. trailer mix
    Black Mirror Season 4 Trailer: Anti-Vaxxers Will Love ThisThe key to good parenting is control. Or is it?
  9. political moments
    Jodie Foster, Michael J. Fox Get Political at UTA RallyIncluding bon mots and rallying cries from Keegan-Michael Key, Wilmer Valderrama, and more.
  10. casting couch
    Jodie Foster Will Move Back in Front of the Camera for Hotel ArtemisHello, Nurse!
  11. roll clip!
    McCarthy, Hader, Goldblum Audition for Han SoloThey’d look right at home in the Millennium Falcon.
  12. chat room
    Jodie Foster on Money Monster, Her Break From Acting, and Kristen Stewart“She’s a little bit of a shaking leaf.”
  13. tribeca film festival 2016
    Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Jodie Foster on Making Taxi Driver“Every day for 40 years, at least one of you has come up to me and said, You talkin’ to me? Now let’s say it together!”
  14. party chats
    De Niro & Foster on Taxi Driver 40th Anniversary“The mohawk was something that Marty and I came up with.”
  15. party chats
    Jodie Foster Says Jonathan Demme Is Her ‘Favorite Female Director’“I don’t think there’s some kind of big plot to keep women down.”
  16. trailer mix
    Money Monster Trailer: Clooney Wants AnswersPretty please!
  17. party chats
    Bryan Fuller Had Asked Jodie Foster to Direct HannibalSlow-motion teardrops for days.
  18. red nose day
    Neil Patrick Harris and Jodie Foster Join NBC’s Red Nose DayJoining Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, and the cast of Game of Thrones.
  19. Jodie Foster Is Developing a Comedy About a Woman Whose Mother Is a DogIt’s the classic comedy setup: Alcoholic woman rescues a dog, alcoholic woman realizes the dog is her reincarnated mother, alcoholic woman […]
  20. women in hollywood
    Jodie Foster on How to Make It As a Female Director in Male-Dominated HollywoodEnlist the help of a few old white guys.
  21. netflix
    Jodie Foster Is Directing an Episode of House of CardsIt’s her second Netflix assignment.
  22. monday morning movie club
    Seven Unanswered Questions We Still Have About ElysiumDid Jodie Foster’s evil scheme really make sense? Or Kruger’s?
  23. trailer mix
    Elysium Trailer: Gate-crashing a PlanetIt’s Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 follow-up.
  24. clickables
    See the First Images of Jodie Foster in ElysiumCheck out that cool future-space bluetooth. 
  25. big speeches
    Jodie Foster: The Most Conflicted Speech EverIt’s not a coming-out speech. Except that it totally is. And she’s quitting acting. Except she isn’t. What does she really mean?
  26. golden globes 2013
    The Eight Most Moved Audience Reactions to Jodie Foster’s SpeechThis is how you keep a Hollywood audience’s attention.
  27. golden globes 2013
    The Highs and Lows of the Golden GlobesTina Fey and Amy Poehler: highlight. Robert Downey Jr.: surprise lowlight.
  28. golden globes 2013
    Jodie Foster’s Complete, Amazing Golden Globes SpeechInstantly legendary.
  29. golden globes 2013
    Golden Globes Bestowing Jodie Foster, Age 50, With a Lifetime Achievement AwardShe’ll be the fourth-youngest star to receive the honor.
  30. new projects
    Jodie Foster Signs on to Direct Financial Thriller Money MonsterIt’s called Money Monster. No beaver puppets will be involved.
  31. life advice
    Jodie Foster Will Save You, Kristen StewartShe knows what she’s doing.
  32. comic-con 2012
    Jodie Foster on Comic-Con, Clarice Starling, and Her Love of True Blood“I’ve seen every single episode, and I will rewatch every episode before the new season.”
  33. The Lost Roles of Fast Times at Ridgemont HighLost Roles is a weekly column that takes a particular comedic performer, movie, or show, and dives deep into all of the casting possibilities […]
  34. casting
    We Hear the Top Candidates for the Carrie Remake Are …Hope they don’t mind the sight of blood!
  35. The Best Frozen Moments from the 2012 Golden GlobesSofia Vergara making her Modern Family character look restrained, Nicole Kidman giving the stinkeye, and many many more glimpses of the audience.
  36. trailer mix
    Carnage Trailer: Jodie Foster and Kate Winslet Play Family FeudJohn C. Reilly and Christoph Waltz also star in Roman Polanski’s new film.
  37. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: When 30 Rock Has No Money for Music, Tina Fey ImprovisesPlus, David Letterman tries to wrestle out Jodie Foster’s opinion on co-star Mel Gibson in our regular late-night roundup.
  38. spin
    How Mel Gibson’s Beaver Cast Members Are Spinning His Past1. Gibson’s bad behavior will make the moviegoing experience richer.
  39. movies
    Jodie Foster Knows She Can ActSo she cast herself in ‘The Beaver.’
  40. sxsw report
    Mel Gibson’s Compelling Performance in The BeaverThe movie got a warm response from the audience at the premiere. But it’s hard to tell if that was because it was presented by its beloved director, Jodie Foster.
  41. clickables
    Watch Mel Gibson Fight With His Family in a Clip From The BeaverAnton Yelchin is not having these shenanigans.
  42. clickables
    See Roman Polanski’s Awkward Pose With Jodie Foster and Kate WinsletSomeone’s getting horizontal.
  43. headshots
    January’s Best Entertainment PhotographyMatthew Morrison, Julianna Margulies, Rihanna, and more in this month’s best entertainment photography.
  44. save the date
    Mel Gibson’s Beaver Gets a Limited Release DateBeginning March 23.
  45. the beaver
    The Beaver Trailer: Would You Forgive Mel Gibson?A family flick emerges.
  46. clickables
    See Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster in the First Official Still From The BeaverAnd yup, that Spring 2011 release date is happening.
  47. movies
    Mel Gibson’s Beaver Might Get Spring OpeningAnd a trailer, tomorrow.
  48. clickables
    See Mel Gibson in the Poster for The BeaverIt may not have a release date, but the troubled Jodie Foster film has at least got a poster.
  49. trend spotting
    Mel Gibson Starts a Trend That’s Not Profanity-Laden’The Beaver’ has company.
  50. spin doctor
    Jodie Foster Will Rescue Mel Gibson’s Reputation Even If She Has to Exaggerate Wildly“He is truly the most loved man in the film business.”
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