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  1. profile
    John Cameron Mitchell on Playing Joe Exotic and How Annoying NYC Has BecomeHe’s bought a house in New Orleans, where bohemia is still cost-effective.
  2. crime
    Tiger King’s Joe Exotic Asks for Prison Release After Prostate-Cancer Diagnosis“So I can go home and get treatment on my own or enjoy what life I have left with my loved ones!”
  3. docs
    Tiger King 2 Is Happening for All You Cool Cats and KittensAlong with four new Netflix docs and a brief teaser.
  4. the law
    Court Vacates Joe Exotic’s SentenceThe subject of Netflix’s Tiger King will be resentenced by the lower court.
  5. what could have been
    Amazon Not Moving Forward With Nicolas Cage Joe Exotic ShowCowards!
  6. casting couch
    Kyle MacLachlan Joins Peacock’s Joe Exotic As Howard BaskinThe Twin Peaks star is no stranger to stories involving mysterious disappearances.
  7. how everything works
    16 Podcasters on the Hardest Episodes They Have Ever ProducedEverything that can go wrong on shows like The Daily, Reply All, and Louder Than a Riot before it goes right.
  8. the very business we call show
    John Cameron Mitchell Pulls the Joe Exotic Mullet Wig Down From the ShelfThe Shrill actor will star as the disgraced zoo owner across from Kate McKinnon’s Carole Baskin.
  9. hey kitty girl
    Netflix to Celebrate Tiger King Anniversary With TikTok Drag-Queen MusicalHey, all you cool cats and kitty girls!
  10. hey all you cool cats and kittens
    Kim Kardashian Channels Her Inner Tiger Queen for HalloweenWith the help of Joe “Foodgod” Exotic.
  11. grrrrrrrr
    Nicholas Cage’s Joe Exotic TV Series Has Found a Home at Amazon StudiosTake that, Carole Baskin.
  12. cool cats and kittens
    Joe Exotic’s Tiger King Park Closes, Rebrands As Film SetIt’s unclear if the animals are being freed.
  13. tiger king
    Band Behind Joe Exotic’s Tiger King Tunes Drops New Carole Baskin SongThey presumably had it just lion around.
  14. tiger king
    Carole Baskin Awarded Joe Exotic’s Oklahoma Exotic Animal ZooAs part of the million-dollar trademark suit depicted in Netflix’s Tiger King.
  15. grrrrrrrr
    Yeah, Makes Sense That Nicolas Cage Snagged the Joe Exotic RoleWe can already hear his mustache growing out.
  16. covers
    Hear The Offspring’s Cover of Tiger King’s ‘Here Kitty Kitty’It’s the one about you-know-who allegedly doing you-know-what. You guys remember.
  17. cool cats only
    Joe Exotic’s Fear of Tigers and 5 More Highlights From the Tiger King ReunionJoel McHale caught up with the remarkably chill cast of Netflix’s Tiger King.
  18. the jokes must go on
    ‘Joe Exotic’ Stopped by to Visit Stephen Colbert From PrisonIf you missed the bit last night, well, you know who to blame.
  19. vulture quizzes
    How Well Do You Know Tiger King From We Bought a Zoo?Can you tell a Netflix true-crime docuseries from a 2011 movie about a family-owned zoo? Take this quiz to find out.
  20. hey all you cool cats
    Joe Exotic Will Attempt to Explain Himself in New SpecialInvestigating the Strange World of Joe Exotic is coming to ID.
  21. grrrrrrrr
    Hey, Cool Cats: We’re Reportedly Getting a Bonus Tiger King EpisodeAccording to Jeff Lowe.
  22. tiger king
    Joe Exotic ‘Ashamed Of Myself’ (Over Treatment of Animals, Not The Other Stuff)“Go sit in a cage with your animals for a week,” the Tiger King subject advises in a prison interview with Netflix.
  23. wish list
    Which Actors Should Be in the Tiger King TV Show?A fantasy-casting wishlist.
  24. tiger king
    Joe Exotic Transferred To Prison Medical Center From Coronavirus IsolationA Grady County Jail staffer confirmed that Exotic “was no longer here at this facility.”
  25. docuseries
    Tiger King Is a Train Wreck — Nothing More, Nothing LessNetflix’s latest must-see series is an extreme, flawed example of a WTF docuseries that generates lots of conversation but little clarity.
  26. so many questions
    Florida Sheriff Is Here to Debunk Your Tiger King Cold-Case TheoriesFans of the Netflix series are sending in tips about Carole Baskin’s ex-husband every day. Here’s what’s new with Don Lewis’s missing-person case.
  27. tiger king
    Joe Exotic Is in Coronavirus Isolation in Jail, Says Husband Dillon PassageExotic is what Passage calls a “power vers.”
  28. rip gators
    Of Course Joe Exotic’s Alligators Belonged to Michael JacksonThe alligators were killed in a suspicious 2015 fire featured in Netflix’s Tiger King.
  29. vulture lists
    Joe Exotic’s 12 Wildest YouTube VideosYes, the Tiger King has a chaotic YouTube presence.
  30. but is it good?
    A Debate About Tiger King Between Me and MyselfNetflix’s buzzy true-crime series about big cats and the criminal weirdos who keep them is undeniably absorbing. Is that enough?
  31. clawsuit
    Tiger King Joe Exotic Is Suing the Government for Nearly $94 MillionWho’s behind bars, now?