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  1. How the DIY Stella Shorts Somehow Introduced the Future of Mainstream […]The Stella shorts, which were filmed as companion pieces to their NYC live show and later collected on the rare Stella Shorts 1998-2002 DVD, […]
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    See the Wet Hot American Summer Cast Then, Then, and 10 Years LaterThe times change, but the faces are (mostly) the same.
  3. oral history
    Book Excerpt: The Union of the State “When I first met Tom Lennon, I thought he was the snootiest prick in the world.” —Joe Lo Truglio 
  4. Christopher Meloni to Star in Digital Series ‘Beef’ with Michael Cera, […]Law & Order: SVU star Christopher Meloni has teamed up with Paramount for a new digital series set in a butcher shop called Beef, and you can […]
  5. Andy Samberg’s Cop Show Keeps Sounding Better and Better - Joe Lo Truglio […] Joe Lo Truglio, of The State, Reno 911!, and Superbad fame, has been added to the cast of Andy Samberg’s new Fox pilot, cementing its status […]
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    John Stamos, Jorge Garcia Join Drama PilotsAt NBC and CBS.
  7. Watching The State’s Revival of ‘Sex a.k.a. Weiners and Boobs’ at San […]As as an uber-fan of the famed nineties sketch group The State, it delights me that several of the members have continued to collaborate over […]
  8. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: ‘The Stamp Tramp’The men of How I Met Your Mother are all nice, law abiding people, but they are definitely all flawed: Ted knows a lot of things about a lot of […]
  9. Talking to David Wain & Joe Lo Truglio About Theater, Constructing A […]Since their time with the sprawling 90’s MTV sketch group The State, David Wain and Joe Lo Truglio have gone on to, respectively, direct and […]
  10. Talking to Matt Walsh, Horatio Sanz, and Joe Lo Truglio, the Cast and Crew […]Next Tuesday sees the DVD release of High Road, a new improvised comedy written and directed by Matt Walsh. High Road’s cast is filled to the […]
  11. Kathryn Hahn Has So Much To Say About Joe Lo Truglio’s Penis There are some amazing shots of this particular penis. A really amazing one through car windows, squatting down, just the nuts, it’s pretty […]
  12. The Red Band Trailer for Wanderlust is Heavy on the ‘Lust’ The red band Wanderlust trailer is out, now with 100% more Joe Lo Truglio butt, goat-milking ejaculation analogies, and Paul Rudd giving […]
  13. Wet Hot American Summer Has Been Recreated Ten Years LaterThe cast of Wet Hot American Summer teamed up with some guest stars at San Francisco Sketchfest this week to perform the film as a live radio […]
  14. Heaven, or the Wet Hot American Summer Set?Forget Party Down and Arrested Development. After reading this oral history of the making of Wet Hot American Summer, I am throwing all my […]
  15. Free Agents Recap: ‘Pilot’First things first: the protagonists of Free Agents, Alex (Hank Azaria) and Helen (Kathryn Hahn), two PR agents newly single after long-term […]
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    Consider These Rejected Titles for Wet Hot American SummerThere were some good options and some not-so-good options.
  17. Talking Wet Hot American Summer with Joe Lo Truglio, Ken Marino and David […]The AV Club has a downright-delightful interview with Joe Lo Truglio, Ken Marino and David Wain about making Wet Hot American Summer, which is […]
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    Industry Roundup: Cooper, ReynoldsPlus: Jackson Rathbone joins ‘No Ordinary Family.’